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[Sticky] White Labelling FAVORIOT

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Mazlan Abbas
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I received this question:

"Are you open for White labeling your products."


  1. Normally, we don't do any whitelabelling. The platform is hosted in one of the Cloud services in USA and thus can be used publicly from anywhere around the world.
  2. In cases, where there are business opportunities and the regulation requires that the platform should reside within the country - we can consider whether is it going to be hosted in the public cloud of the country or private cloud (in this case, it's an enterprise solution)
  3. The usage in local country (private and public) are different since public will be shared by many parties. and private is exclusive to the enterprise.
  4. The cost of licensing the platform will be different depending on the scale and scope. 
  5. White labelling will an extra costs too.
  6. We also need to further understand the usage and the business nature of hosting and white labelling the platform.
  7. The potential can download the NDA document HERE.
  8. Further technical and commercial can be discussed after the signing of the NDA
  9. We recommend the potential partner(s) to try using the platform. There is a FREE Account - HERE.
  10. Check out the features.
  11. This FORUM will be the main platform to answer and clarify any questions.
Posted : 04/09/2019 3:11 pm

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