FAVORIOT offers an IOT platform specifically designed for any Internet of Things (IoT) projects. The platform is developed to support the integration of data from sensors and actuators on the internet. Collecting and storing data from IOT devices become much easier. Moreover, the platform also helps developers in building vertical applications without worry about the hosting.


IOT Platform

The platform for developers to deploy their IOT applications.



Visualize your data using our basic graphing tools


Device Management

Control and manage your IOT devices via Favoriot platform



Connect all kind of devices to Favoriot using REST protocol


Event Processing

Rules Engine that enable real-time action triggering


3rd Party Plugins

We can connect your IOT information  to your preferred social media


Data Processing

Real-time aggregated data streams to applications but also access to historical data for data aggregation


Future Proof

The platform is a future-proof IOT solution

Cloud-based platform (SaaS)

Capable of handling millions of devices, data streams and scale elastically

Simple business rule creation process

Reduces time to market and from months to weeks

Reduces the cost and risk of application development

Easily handling data ownership for sharing and monetizing

As the platform evolves, you get new features easily

Can be easily tailored for multiple business applications and different market segments

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