The trainings have been designed for any IoT enthusiasts to obtain the
knowledge and apply it in the real-world implementations.
It is designed for participants to learn progressively.

3r party plugin

Experience hands-on practice using IoT device to send data to Favoriot IoT Platform using various communication protocols

iot platform

Familiarise Favoriot IoT Platform features, APIs and integrations


Design, implement and manage IoT solutions

Feature API Key

Understand the security requirements in deploying IoT solutions

Simple business rule creation process

Reduce time-to-market of your IoT solution using Favoriot IoT Platform

Favoriot IoT training is available for online sessions and on-site training as well. Contact us for more details.


Internet of Things (IoT) Fundamentals with Favoriot IoT Platform

2 Days (16 hours)

12 Topics

  1. Introduction to the Internet of Things
      • Understanding the IoT ecosystem and its components
  2. Introduction IoT Devices and features
      • Existing IoT devices and sensors
  3. Introduction to IoT connectivity and communication
      • Available connectivity for IoT and communication challenges
  4. Introduction to IoT Platform, Application, Security, Computing and Standardisation
      • IoT Platform categories, top IoT applications, security challenges, computing types and IoT standardisation
  5. Introduction to Favoriot Platform and its Hierarchy
      • User Profile and API Key
      • Hierarchy: Projects > Applications > Groups > Devices
  6. Hierarchy management in Favoriot Platform
      • Create, edit and delete the Hierarchy
      • Configure device’s: access token, location settings and operations
  7. Introduction to Arduino IDE & IoT Device
      • Installation and configuration of the Arduino IDE
      • Understanding the IoT device hardware components
      • Write a simple program for IoT device
  8. Understanding the Application Programming Interface (API)
      • Use Favoriot Platform APIs to simulate and test
      • Use third-party tool (postman and other web-based programs) to simulate data transmission and retrieval (using REST and MQTT)
  9. Interfacing Hibiscus Sense (or other development kits) to Favoriot IoT Platform
      • Create Projects, Applications, Groups and Devices (including the Auto create option)
      • View Data, export (download) data and analyse the data
      • Setting rules for incoming data using multiple channels
      • Send data to third-party system
      • Setup Telegram bot to receive alerts
  10. Use of different data protocols to send data to Favoriot Platform
      • Data transmission using REST API, MQTT and CoAP
  11. Using preconfigured source code for devices
  12. Favoriot Platform’s Dashboard feature
      • Create a dashboard, add widgets, customise the fields and make it public
      • Understand usage of various dashboard widgets
      • Trigger alert / send messages from dashboard widgets

Advanced Internet of Things (IoT) with Favoriot IoT Platform

3 Days (24 hours)

6 Topics

  1. Introduction to the IoT Gateway
      • Configure the IoT Gateway environment
  2. Introduction to Node-RED
      • Understanding the flow editor (Node-RED) for Internet of Things
      • Configure the Node-RED environment
  3. Data transmission from IoT Device to IoT Gateway
      • Connecting the device to the gateway using Wi-Fi and Bluetooth
      • Interfacing data using TCP, UDP and Serial protocols
      • Data visualisation using Node-RED dashboard
  4. Data transmission from IoT Gateway to Favoriot Platform
      • Send data using REST API, MQTT and CoAP protocols
      • Send control from Favoriot Platform Dashboard using RPC via MQTT
  5. Building an IoT Web Application
      • Hierarchy and data management using REST API
      • Data visualisation (historical and real-time) using REST API and MQTT
      • Send control to the device and receive control from the web application using RPC via MQTT
  6. Understanding security and privacy risks on IoT projects

Internet of Things (IoT) Specialist

4 Days (32 hours)

7 Topics

  1. Introduction to Big Data
  2. Data Analytics
      • Descriptive and diagnostics analytics
      • Predictive and Prescriptive analytics
  3. Connecting IoT Platform to third party analytics tool
      • Extract data for analysis
  4. Processing IoT Data and Analysis
      • Setup tool to analyse the data
      • Analyse data from platform
  5. End-to-end IoT security
      • Understanding end-to-end IoT Security
      • IoT security best practices and guidelines
  6. IoT Standards
      • Understanding IoT Standards
  7. IoT Projects and case studies

Internet of Things (IoT) for Business Professionals

1 Day (Trainer: Dr. Mazlan Abbas, CEO - Favoriot)

8 Topics

  1. IoT Core Concepts
      • History of IoT
      • The core concepts of IoT – Sensors, Connectivity, and Applications
      • IoT and its relation to Digital Transformation and IR 4.0
  2. The Types of Problems IoT Solves
      • IoT might make things smarter and easier, but what real-world problem can IoT potentially solve?
      • And what issues can it solve right now?
      • What kind of data is critical to collect?
  3. Benefits and Applications of IoT for organisations
      • What are the 7Ms of the business that can benefits from IoT
      • What industries and applications?
  4. How to overcome possible challenges and spot  IoT opportunities
      • How to train users across your organisation including business leaders – to spot IoT opportunities, develop business plans and prepare for their journey.
  5. Business Models of IoT
      • How organizations can benefit from new revenue streams or new business opportunities generated by new business models services.
      • IoT security best practices and guidelines
  6. Building IoT Business Canvas
      • Moving from technology-based to outcome-based business model
  7. How to take your first step in your IoT Journey
  8. Building IoT Checklist

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