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[Sticky] WHAT'S NEW - FAVORIOT Platform Version 2.7.0

Mazlan Abbas
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We are constantly working to improve your experience using Favoriot Platform. Favoriot Platform v2.0 consists of enhancements, bug fixes, and some new features. All the improvements are listed below.

Version 2.7.0

  • Graph
    • User can now customise gauge labels
    • Fixed gauge ui look
    • Added timestamp on gauge graph
    • Fixed percentage label for gauge
  • Export Stream
    • Improved data stream export feature - include export by date range

Version 2.6.1

  • Bug Fix
    • Fixed graph and ui bugs
  • Graph
    • Added ability to create non-real time graphs via the ‘Create Graph’ popup window without having to re-initialise it first
    • Users can now customise their own labels to use for the gauge graphs

Version 2.6.0

  • Graph
    • Users can set graph in non-realtime ways by requesting and re updating graph manually
    • Organise their graphs in various layouts
  • Misc
    • Sign up page now features select option for company field to better identify our users

Version 2.5.0

  • Device
    • All devices get smaller access token - no need to rely on api-token for send streams of data to platform. More efficient
    • Get connectivity status of a device - shows its connectivity, current access and last access statutes
  • Portfolio
    • New portfolio system for users to showcase their cool projects and advertise themselves. All public portfolio of users will be displayed at the favoriot website

Version 2.2.0

  • MQTT
    • Reworked MQTT system along with bug fix
  • Referral System
    • Referral system with redeem features (subscription)
  • Other
    • Included new promotions and adverts within the platform
    • Included tutorial pages
  • UI
    • Fix minor ui glitching/issue in platform
    • Added expiry date on profile page if beginner
    • Included a message box a signup for more informational feedback
  • Registration
    • Outside users can register as beginner directly from outside of platform
  • Subscription Renewal And Restriction
    • Once an account has been expired - access to key points are disable - routes in particular
    • When an account has been expired - renew account appear on the sidebar and upgrade page respectively
    • User can now renew their accounts
  • Map Inclusion
    • Included devices details - summary on the main page
  • Bug Fix
    • Fixed an issue where data stream would not load on graph with device trailing spaces

Version 2.0.1

  • Bug Fix
    • Fix where map would show multiple pins of same device name
    • Fix where devices with no data stream would show no data
    • Fixed where rule page would request 2 api counts Clicking 'Create Rule' button would then request the extra +1.
    • Fixed a bug where duplicates orders created would created in-validate transaction
  • SMS Count Indicator
    • Included an indicator next to SMS bar that shows (left) current SMS usage and (right) total SMS
  • Rework Payment Page
    • Optimised payment code
    • Included a separate loading spinner for payment purposes

Version 2.0.0

  • New User Interface (UI)
    • User interface thats easy to navigate, is more structured, organised and responds faster
    • User interface more mobile friendly
    • Total data for each project, application, group and devices are displayed accordingly
    • Homepage lists down number of devices and its corresponding streams
    • API limit gauge shown on homescreen along with the user's current API usage
    • SMS bar limit shown on homepage onces purchased, also showing user's current SMS usage
  • Create New Hierarchy
    • Automatically create project hieryarch without manually creating each aspect of IOT project, application, group etc.
    • User interface more mobile friendly
  • Improved Data Stream Functionality
    • Remove selected data streams or all data streams
    • Export data stream in csv and json format
    • Real time data stream update on stream table
  • Graphboard and Graphs
    • Ability to organise graphs of a particular device through a graphboard
    • Publish graphboard (with graphs) for public view via a public url
    • Graphs update in real time
  • New Rules Features
    • Send alerts to a mobile number using SMS (if purchased) (Malaysia number support only)
    • Set the limit of alerts to be sent.
  • Added Profile Page
    • Editable personal details (password, company etc.)
    • Upload personal image (shown on sidebar)
    • Ability to delete an account
  • Added Payment Features
    • Self-payment method via UPay (in MYR) for upgrading user account and additional addon (ie. SMSes0). (For now, SMS service is only for Malaysian mobile number)
    • Redeemable vouchers can be used in supliment to the payment features
    • View transaction details
    • Download each successful transaction receipt
  • Push Notification
    • Receive push notication/alerts when users are not available on the computer / or have minimized web browser. Browser support includes Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox.
  • New Protocol
    • CoAP protocol is now supported by the platform
Topic starter Posted : 10/02/2020 12:18 pm

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