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Question on RAQIB services

1. What are RAQIB services? Check out - Many market segments can apply. Basically to monitor the most impotant assets of an individual - Health and Safety.

2. Why is there a need for a minimum ONE YEAR contract subscription? Answer: System to monitor monthly payment can be a hassle.

3. Is the main Value Proposition for UMRAH and/or HAJJ pilgrims? No - it can apply to other market segments such as elderly, remote patient monitoring, employee monitoring, outdoor sports etc

4. If so, why are there YEARLY packages for UMRAH/HAJJ pilgrims since it's mainly a one time pilgrimage? Answer: The telco package mentioned in the brochure is meant for local. If they are going for Hajj or Umrah, there will be an extra charges to enable the roaming 2 months for Hajj and 1 month for Umrah). Extra RM 28 per month for roaming.

5. Is the Basic Plan for everyday users such the eldery and those who need monitoring? Answer: There is no app supported and they can't seetheir trends. Use the wearable like a watch and can monitor from the watch itself.

6. If the device updates every 5 minutes, does this mean it needs to have more than 15MB data? Answer: We have already made a study. It will not exceed the quota. If it exceeds, it will be throttle to 64 kb/s.

7. On this page:
What does RM8/mth telco charges include? Answer: Yes, but we charge for 12 moths.

8. Does 15MB meaning 15MB/mth? Answer: Yes

9. Is 15MB enough data for the Pilgrim's stay and updating every 5 minutes? Answer: Yes, we have done extensive trials and measurement.

10. Why are charges on this page different?
M2M Data Roaming for UMRAH is RM28/ UMRAH trip - ANSWER: RM 28 per month and Umra is for 1-month. We don't enable per 12-13 days...etc.
M2M Data Roaming for HAJJ is RM56/ HAJJ trip - ANSWER: RM 28 per month for 2 months Hajj trip (60 days are sufficient for a Hajj trip)

11. Why are there different RAQIB annual fees for Standard and Premium?- RM96 additional for SIM/Telco? There is a charge for RAQIB Service of RM 180 per year. RM 96 is equivalent to RM 8 x 12 for local telco data charges (15 MB per month)
Basic Price RM400 for basic features understood
Standard Price RM580 using own SIM + RM180 Annual RAQIB services
Premium Price RM686 using RAQIB (15MB Data ONLY) SIM + RM276 Annual RAQIB services

12. The Standard Plan can make calls while roaming using own SIM? Answer: Yes, we have tested using STC, Mobily and Zain in Saudi. You can make calls if voice supported.

13. The Premium Plan can't make roaming calls. Only Data right? Answer: Only DATA.

14. Does the Basic Plan have an accompanying mobile app, too? Answer: No.

Posted : 03/10/2019 9:59 am

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