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eFM – Wearable Technology – Supply vs Demand

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“Let’s Jam at GEM” at MEREKA Makerspace, Feb 28, 2018.

The wearable technology market has rocketed over the past several years. It’s not just smartwatches and fitness trackers: tech companies are competing to create new wearable experiences with the widest possible appeal.

In this session, Dana Blouin, eFM podcast host, moderates discussion on demand and supply of wearable technology between Dr. Mazlan Abbas, CEO of FAVORIOT, Joseph Dolcetti , CEO of SportsBoleh, Khor Xin Yun, Co-Founder & CEO of Walnut Wellness, and Edison Lim, CEO of Tag La Technology.

You can listen to the eFM podcast on “Wearable Technology – Supply vs Demand

Industry 4.0: How Disruptive Technology Affects Business Globally

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Upcoming Invited Talk by Dr. Mazlan Abbas, CEO of FAVORIOT at Arshad Ayub Graduate Business School (AAGBS), UiTM SHAH ALAM, June 9, 2018

You are likely benefitting from The Internet of Things (IoT) today, whether you’re familiar with the term. If your phone automatically connects to your home, or if you have a smartwatch counting your steps, congratulations! You have adopted one small piece of a very large IoT pie, even if you haven’t adopted the name yet.

IoT may sound like a business buzzword, but it’s a real technological revolution that will impact everything we do. It’s the next Internet Tsunami of new possibility that is destined to change the face of technology, as we know it.  IoT represents a massive wave of technical innovation. It’s one of the key technologies for the Fourth Industrial Revolution (4IR). Our limited understanding of the possibilities hinders our ability to see future applications for any new technology. Mainstream adoption of desktop computers and the Internet didn’t take hold until they became affordable and usable. When that occurred, fantastic and creative innovation ensued. We are on the cusp of that tipping point with the 4thIndustrial Revolution.

4IR matters because it will create new industries, new companies, new jobs, and new economic growth. It will transform existing segments of our economy: retail, farming, industrial, logistics, cities, and the environment. You will live and work smarter, not harder – and what we are seeing now is only the tip of the Tsunami. This presentation will take you into the journey of IoT and the 4thIndustrial Revolution and how it will help companies to survive in the 21stCentury. Get Ready to Disrupt or Being Disrupted!

How-To Complete Your IoT Projects On Schedule

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