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Where are the IoT Talents in Malaysia?

May 20th, 2024 Posted by BLOG 0 thoughts on “Where are the IoT Talents in Malaysia?”

Are we ready to propel forward in IoT?

What do we need to achieve this?

The Internet of Things (IoT) is not just a technological revolution; it’s an economic and industrial transformation reshaping how businesses operate and consumers interact with the physical world.

As IoT continues gaining traction, the need for skilled engineers and technical professionals with a deep understanding of IoT technologies and a firm grasp of business theory becomes increasingly critical.

This article examines why the industry needs more such professionals, particularly emphasizing Malaysia’s ambition to become a nation that not only consumes but also produces locally made IoT products.

Bridging the Gap between Demand and Supply

The IoT market is burgeoning.

By interconnecting devices and systems, IoT offers efficiencies, insights, and control that were unimaginable just a decade ago.

However, the supply of skilled professionals who can navigate the complexities of IoT needs to catch up with demand.

Addressing this talent gap is essential for countries like Malaysia that aspire to be at the forefront of this revolution.

Producing homegrown IoT solutions requires a workforce that understands not only the technical aspects of IoT but also the business implications and opportunities it presents.

The Five Crucial Technology Layers of IoT

  1. Hardware and Sensors: IoT begins with the hardware—the sensors and devices that collect data. Engineers must understand the myriad of sensors available and their applications in various industries. This requires knowledge of electronics and embedded systems and integrating hardware into physical environments.
  2. Connectivity: IoT devices must communicate, meaning professionals must be versed in networking. They need to know the best connectivity options—whether Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, LTE, or emerging technologies like 5G—and understand their implications for bandwidth, latency, and power consumption.
  3. Middleware or IoT Platforms: This is where data is aggregated and managed. A robust understanding of choosing and utilizing an IoT platform — be it cloud-based or on-premises — is crucial. This includes making decisions based on scalability, reliability, and cost.
  4. Applications: The value of IoT is realized through applications that turn raw data into insights and actions. Engineers must be skilled in software development and user interface design and have experience developing applications that meet customer needs.
  5. AI and Security: As IoT systems generate massive amounts of data, using AI for analysis and machine learning becomes critical. Securing IoT systems against cyber threats is also non-negotiable. Professionals must be well-versed in cybersecurity strategies specific to IoT.

The Business Acumen in IoT

Understanding IoT technology is only half the battle.

The other half is grasping the ‘why’ behind IoT.

What problems does IoT solve? How can it drive business value?

Technical professionals must understand the business or industry they’re developing solutions for.

This includes market analysis, business case development, and articulating the return on investment for IoT initiatives.

Professionals should also be adept at designing and architecting IoT solutions that align with business goals.

They must understand how to leverage IoT data for strategic decisions, which requires a thorough understanding of data analytics, big data technologies, and how IoT can provide a competitive edge.

IoT in the Malaysian Context

For Malaysia to transition from a consumer to a producer nation in IoT, there must be an emphasis on education and training that equips future generations with the right skill sets.

Malaysian industries require professionals who can develop local IoT products that cater to the region’s unique needs, understand the local market, and navigate the intricacies of domestic and international business landscapes.

Training and Development

Recognizing this need, companies like Favoriot are stepping up to offer comprehensive IoT training programs.

These programs are tiered to cater to varying levels of expertise — from business professionals who need a foundational understanding of IoT to engineers seeking advanced training in AI and IoT security.

Such training modules are vital for industry engineers, business professionals, and academics who will eventually be responsible for disseminating IoT knowledge.


The demand for engineers and technical professionals with a comprehensive understanding of IoT and its technology layers, coupled with solid business theory, is not just a sector-specific necessity; it’s a national imperative for countries like Malaysia.

Investing in specialized IoT training, fostering a culture of continuous learning, and encouraging innovation is crucial to achieving the vision of becoming a producer nation.

By doing so, Malaysia can ensure that its future generation of talented professionals is capable of entering the industry and pioneering it, thereby securing a place for the nation at the forefront of the IoT revolution.

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Join Hands with FAVORIOT

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FAVORIOT, a pioneer in the Internet of Things (IoT) ecosystem in Malaysia, seeks visionary partners and distributors worldwide to collaborate and expand the reach of our state-of-the-art IoT platform.

Our platform empowers businesses, smart cities, and industries to harness the power of IoT, driving efficiency, sustainability, and growth.

Why Partner with FAVORIOT?

1 — Proven Expertise: With decades of experience and leadership in IoT, telecommunications, and smart cities, FAVORIOT brings unparalleled expertise and a strong track record of successful projects and partnerships.

2 — Innovative IoT Platform: The FAVORIOT IoT Platform offers a comprehensive suite of tools for seamless integration, real-time data analytics, and robust security features. It supports diverse applications across industries, from smart city management to industrial automation and beyond.

3 — Global Recognition: Our platform is globally recognized (with users from 120 countries worldwide) for its reliability, scalability, and user-friendly interface. FAVORIOT is a trusted name in the IoT space, backed by successful deployments and satisfied clients worldwide.

4 — Dedicated Support: We provide our partners with comprehensive support, including technical assistance, marketing resources, and training. Our team is committed to ensuring your success and helping you maximize the potential of the FAVORIOT IoT Platform.

Opportunities for Distributors

1 — Expand Your Product Portfolio: The powerful and versatile FAVORIOT IoT Platform enhances your offerings. Our solutions cater to a wide range of industries, providing endless opportunities to tap into new markets and increase your revenue streams.

2 — Collaborative Growth: Join a network of forward-thinking partners and distributors committed to innovation and excellence. Benefit from collaborative growth and shared success as we work together to drive the IoT revolution.

3 — Market Advantage: Leverage the competitive edge provided by FAVORIOT’s advanced IoT solutions. Our platform’s unique features and capabilities will set you apart in the marketplace, attracting new clients and retaining existing ones.

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Why the Success of Smart City Projects Depends on People and Talent

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The buzz around smart cities often highlights groundbreaking technologies, substantial funding, and strategic plans.

Yet, through my experiences and observations in this field, I’ve come to understand a profound truth — the people and their talent truly drive the success of smart cities.

Despite the pivotal roles of funding and strategic planning, without the right individuals at the helm, the most meticulously crafted blueprints for smart cities remain inert ideas on paper.

Let me share why I firmly believe that people and talent stand at the core of transforming any city into a smart one.

The Illusion of Funding as the Panacea

In the initial phases of conceptualizing a smart city, it’s easy to be trapped by the notion that if only we had enough funds, any vision could be realized.

Funding is indeed crucial — it buys the technology, pays the workforce, and builds the infrastructure.

Yet, money alone cannot innovate, adapt, or envision.

It’s a facilitator, not an executor.

Photo by Kaleidico on Unsplash

The Blueprint Without the Architect

Similarly, having a vision and action plan is imperative.

They set the direction and milestones.

But who charts the course to these milestones?

Who interprets these visions into tangible actions and technologies that resonate with the citizens’ needs and the city’s unique character?

It’s the people — engineers, planners, policymakers, and many others whose expertise and commitment breathe life into these plans.

The Architects of Reality: People and Talent

In every meeting I’ve attended, every project I’ve led, and every challenge I’ve navigated, the defining factor for success was always the quality and dedication of the team involved.

These individuals are the problem-solvers, the visionaries, and the doers.

Without them, the most advanced technologies are just tools lying idle.

When we talk about leading the vision and developing action plans, it’s the people who strategize and contextualize, ensuring that goals align with the city’s ethos and future.

It is their foresight that anticipates challenges and weaves resilience into the fabric of urban design.

Concerning funding mechanisms and business models, again, it’s the human intellect and creativity that discern the most viable and sustainable pathways.

Financial strategies are not conjured from thin air; they are meticulously crafted through expertise, experience, and understanding of the market and societal needs.

Executing the blueprint of a smart city is akin to conducting an orchestra — each player, each instrument, holds intrinsic value, but it is the conductor, understanding each nuance, who creates harmony.

In the realm of smart cities, project managers, engineers, IT specialists, and many others work in concert, guided by leaders who ensure that every action aligns with the overarching vision.

Choosing the right technology is not merely a matter of preference or trend but a critical decision that requires deep understanding and foresight.

The individuals responsible for this selection must navigate a landscape full of options, identifying what best serves their city’s specific needs, now and in the future.

Governance in smart cities is not just about rules and regulations; it’s about making informed decisions that affect millions.

It demands leaders and teams who not only understand the intricate mechanics of urban systems but also grasp the broader implications of their decisions on society and the environment.

When it comes to executing and managing projects, the need for skilled individuals becomes even more apparent.

These are the people who turn concepts into reality, overcoming obstacles and adapting to unforeseen challenges along the way.

Developing the architecture, design, and specifications of a smart city requires not only technical skill but also a vision that integrates functionality with sustainability and livability.

It’s a task for creators and innovators who can envisage the interplay between diverse elements of the urban landscape.

Lastly, managing the operations of a smart city is a colossal and continuous endeavor.

It demands a dedicated team adept in handling sophisticated technologies, analyzing data, and responding proactively to the evolving needs of the city.

Photo by Ismael Bashiri on Unsplash


In my reflections and engagements with smart city initiatives, I’ve witnessed firsthand the transformative power of human talent and dedication.

Technologies evolve, funding fluctuates, and plans adapt, but the constant that underpins all progress is the people.

Without the right team — individuals who are not only skilled but also passionate and visionary — any smart city project is destined to remain grounded, an unrealized potential.

Thus, as we venture further into the era of smart cities, let us not lose sight of the human element.

It is the creativity, ingenuity, and perseverance of people that turn the dream of smart cities into a vibrant reality.

For this reason, I steadfastly advocate that when we invest in smart cities, we must invest equally in nurturing and valuing the people and talent behind them, for they are the true architects of our urban future.

Photo by Mohd Jon Ramlan on Unsplash

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This article,”Why the Success of Smart City Projects Depends on People and Talent,” was originally published on Medium.

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