Introducing Favoriot IoT Ecosystem Plan

April 14th, 2023 Posted by BLOG, Internet of Things, IOT PLATFORM 3 thoughts on “Introducing Favoriot IoT Ecosystem Plan”

The ultimate solution for educational institutions such as universities, colleges, and training centers. This plan offers 30 Beginner Accounts with one System Admin, allowing the university to conduct lab sessions and allow students to use the plan, which the university admin can control.

The Favoriot IoT Ecosystem Plan comes with unlimited device support and daily APIs for each Beginner Account, allowing multiple students to connect their devices and start capturing data immediately. With the upgraded APIs, students can capture and analyze more data than ever.

Plus, with private and public dashboard sharing, the university can easily share data with students and conduct analysis collaboratively. The simple widgets make it easy for students to visualize their data, while the notification channels such as email, Telegram, and SMS (with an add-on) ensure they’re always up-to-date with their IoT data.

With manual control and an unlimited analytics dashboard, students can easily control their devices and gain valuable insights from their data. Plus, with the ability to create end-customers with designated access, the university can control who has access to the data.

And with data retention for up to one year and best-effort email support, the data is always safe and accessible. The Favoriot IoT Ecosystem Plan is the perfect solution for educational institutions looking to incorporate IoT and data analytics into their curriculum.

So, subscribe to the Favoriot IoT Ecosystem Plan today and empower your students to take their IoT and data analytics skills to the next level.

Suppose you want to prepare yourself with the Favoriot IoT platform from Basics to Advanced. In that case, you can attend our IoT training or visit our Favoriot IoT YouTube channel for Tutorials, experiments, and Tips on IoT.

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3 thoughts on “Introducing Favoriot IoT Ecosystem Plan”

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