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Industry 4.0 Implementation & Adoption Workshop with VISITAS and Partners

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Part 1 (3 & 4 July 2018) – In this workshop, participants learn to build a business case, calculate the ROI, list out the requirements ( IT and OT).

Part 2 (17 & 18 July 2018) – In this session, participants were introduced to the IoT architecture, develop IoT system that includes hardware/device setup, connecting the sensor to the device, sending data to cloud/middleware (FAVORIOT) and learn to develop a mobile application.






Photos Courtesy of VISITAS.

Memorandum of Collaboration Signing Between UniMy and FAVORIOT

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PUTRAJAYA (July 19, 2019) – Universiti Malaysia of Computer Science & Engineering and FAVORIOT are joining efforts in capacity building for the Internet of Things. The Memorandum of  Collaboration is intended to drive technical capability building within UniMy students by tapping into FAVORIOT’s expertise in the areas of Internet of Things (IoT) across its network with other industry players, and community stakeholders.

Both parties will be collaborating in many areas such as:

  • Industrial training & internship placement;
  • Industry input on academic programme development i.e. to be part of UniMy Industrial Advisory Panel;
  • Student project mentoring/co-supervision;
  • Research and development;
  • Guest lecture and adjunct appointment;
  • Participation of UniMy students in PARTNER’s ecosystem;

The Memorandum was signed by Dr. Ramli Ismail, Acting VC of UNIMY and Dr. Mazlan Abbas, CEO of FAVORIOT.



IMG_8961 2.jpg


ABOUT University Malaysia of Computer Science and Engineering (UNIMY)


UNIMY is the first ICT-focused Digital Technology University in Malaysia. UNIMY offers a host of programmes in Computer Science, Software Engineering, Game development and many other advanced ICT programmes focused in Cyber Security, Big Data and Coding. Education in UNIMY is benchmark on par excellence with its academic collaborator University of Melbourne, School of Engineering.

UNIMY academic degree programmes were specially crafted to stay in relevance with industry needs and are embedded with professional network+, security+ and ethical hacking certifications from CompTIA and EC Council.

Based in Putrajaya, UNIMY attracts students from around Malaysia striving to be the next key technoprenuer vying to stay ahead in the digital economy. Offering foundation, diploma and honours degree programmes, A holistic education ecosystem that sparks the technology of tomorrow UNIMY through its parent company, Prestariang Berhad, team up with global partner including those of Microsoft, IBM, Autodesk and many more to ready students for the professional arena. Students may even get to participate in national level project development for Prestariang Berhad that has been awarded to modernise the national immigration system’s core application and infrastructure known as SKIN and a single services-based digital platform to empower education, entrepreneurship and e-Commerce known as EduCloud.




FAVORIOT is a Malaysian IoT Startup that focuses on providing a peace of mind solution called Raqib for the pilgrims and their family members during performing their Hajj. Favoriot also offers a senior care solution called Favorwatch to monitor the elderly’s health, safety, and location. Both solutions above comprised of Smart Wearables connected to Favoriot IoT middleware. The middleware also being used by more than 20 organizations (including local and overseas Universities) to build their own IoT solutions.

To learn more about FAVORIOT, visit

Fundamentals of IoT – Your IoT Journey (Beginner Level)

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Duration: ½ Day


Session Summary 


This 1/2 day fast-paced deep dive into the Internet of Things (IoT) is designed for University students, business executives business owners and entrepreneurs who want to understand what the Internet of Things (IoT) is, how to begin their IoT journey and its potential impacts to a business.

Dr. Mazlan Abbas, CEO & Co-Founder of FAVORIOT will guide you through the details of IoT from business case formulation, business strategy to implementation, describing key decisions and how to avoid the main pitfalls. It is geared towards people who need to understand IoT, what opportunities it offers and how to implement IoT solutions in their business. Areas covered are:


IoT Core Concepts


  • Underlying Technologies and Concept of IoT
  • Assessing Business Opportunities
  • How to Introduce IoT in your business using s simple Business Model Canvas
  • Creating your own IoT Business and Project checklist
  • The course provides simple examples and analogies to help participants understand what IoT is, what it can deliver and how it can be implemented in a business scenario.


What Will You Learn?


  • IoT Core Concepts
    • The core concepts of IoT – Sensors, Connectivity, and Applications
  • How to take your first steps in your IoT journey
  • The Types of Problems IoT Solves.
    • IoT might make things smarter and easier, but what real-world problem can IoT potentially solve? And what issues can it solve right now?
  • How to Spot IoT Opportunities
    • How to train users across your organization – including business leaders – to spot IoT opportunities.
  • How to Overcome Possible Challenges
    • The Possible Issues And Problems Companies and Individuals May Face When Getting Started With IoT
  • How organizations can benefit from new revenue streams generated by new business models and services.
    • Moving from technology-based to outcome-based business model


Course Breakdown


Topic 1: What is the Internet of Things & Why Are Businesses Investing Heavily in it?
Topic 2: The capabilities and essential elements of a smart, connected product
Topic 3: What are new markets in the Internet of Things Industry?
Topic 4: What is the necessary building block to start building IoT solutions.




  • No prior knowledge of data science, machine learning, or statistics is required. Basic Understanding of Fundamental Business concepts.
  • Very basic Telecommunications Technology and Internet understanding


Required Software


  • No Software required




Dr. Mazlan Abbas

Conference-PhotoDr. Mazlan is the co-founder and CEO of FAVORIOT Sdn Bhd. He is ranked among 50 Most Impactful Smart Cities Leaders by World CSR Congress 2017, ranked Top 10 in IoT Top 100 Influencers by Postscapes 2017, ranked No. 20th Thought Leader in IOT by 2014 Onalytics Report – “The Internet of Things – Top 100 Thought Leaders and UTM Alumni Industry Personality 2016. He is currently one of Global Vision Board Member (2017). Before Favoriot, he spent 2.5 years as CEO of REDtone IOT and 8 years in MIMOS Berhad as Senior Director Wireless Communications Cluster. He also spent 13 years in CELCOM (mobile operator), handling many senior management positions. Prior to Celcom, he spent 10 years as an Assoc. Professor at Universiti Teknologi Malaysia. He is currently the Adjunct Professor for Universiti Sultan Zainal Abidin (UniSZA), Universiti Malaysia (UniMY) and Universiti Teknologi Petronas (UTP). He was also the Adjunct Professor for UTM from 2008 to 2013 and UTHM (2004-2005, 2013-2016). Dr.Mazlan is a frequent speaker in many major & established IOT, Smart Cities and telco conferences locally and globally. He sits in Industry Advisory Panel (IAP) for several local universities. He graduated from Universiti Teknologi Malaysia with a BEE (1984), University of Essex (UK) with MSc. in Telematics (1986) and Universiti Teknologi Malaysia with a Ph.D. in Telecommunications (1993). He also received an Honorary Doctorate in Electrical Engineering from UTHM (2017).

The full list of Dr. Mazlan’s Talks.

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