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Smart Cities & IoT – The Opportunities and Challenges Ahead

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The Final Aim of Smart City:

  1. To support better living, create more opportunities, support stronger and more cohesive communities and improve the quality of life overall for all residents
  2. To make a better use of the public resources
  3. Reducing the operational costs of the public administrations.

Smart City has a multiplier effect on the economic growth via the adoption of technology. With greater use of technology, a number of cities are accumulating data, delivering innovation, and enhancing the lives of their citizens.

But how do we know, that the cities have reached the stage of “smartness” and meet their targets? Do we have an index to measure just like we have for the human measurement of intelligence such as IQ (Intelligence Quotient)?

The cities have similarities with the human body. A human can keep the body healthy if we eat healthy food, exercise regularly, do not smoke, protect our skin and many more. The same goes for our cities – we shouldn’t allow the city to be polluted, dirty, congested, expose to disease etc. Both the blood of a human and the traffic in the city must continuously flow – otherwise, the whole body will suffer a loss of oxygen (and the city suffer economic or business breakdown).

The simplest basic form of maintaining health is exercise through walking. The number of steps that are recommended is beyond 5000 steps daily. Studies showed 7000 steps and above are the more effective. Nowadays people buy wearables that have pedometers. But how we do measure the health of the city? How do we measure the city in managing their traffic, cleanliness, effectiveness, responsiveness and probably “smartness”?

The answer lies in the ability of the city to install relevant sensors, capture the data, aggregate them and derive insights. The sensors can come from smartphones, fixed or wireless that are attached to the city’s most relevant assets – buildings, roads, bridges, rivers, traffic lights, air, municipality’s resources, etc.

The opportunities to become a Smart City is huge, however, it also comes with various challenges ahead. Check out the upcoming presentation by Dr. Mazlan Abbas on this topic on August 29, 2018, at Khazanah ICT Day 2018.

“We can’t just copy the Smart City initiatives around the world and implement in our country. Different country has different pain-points. We should build smart cities through the eyes of our Citizens – Dr. Mazlan Abbas

FAVORIOT Merdeka 2018 Offer – 50% Discount!

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FAVORIOT is now offering a Special Discount of 50% off for the Beginner Account. You just spend RM 50 per year to get started on your IoT journey. The offer valid until August 31, 2018.

FAVORIOT offers the following:

  1. Device Connectivity – Supports different protocols and data format. Application Programming Interface (API) ensuring accurate data streaming and interaction with all devices
  2. Device Management – To ensures the connected “things” are working properly. We create the abstraction of the physical devices in IOT realms within the IOT middleware
  3. Scalable Database – Scalable storage of device data brings the requirements for hybrid cloud-based databases to a new level in terms of data volume, variety, velocity and veracity
  4. Business Logic – Brings data to life with rule-based event-action-triggers
  5. Notification Engine – Combining business logic with notification engine enable execution of “smart” actions based on specific sensor data
  6. Dashboarding – Enables users to see patterns and observe trends from visualization dashboards where data is vividly portrayed through various type of charts
  7. Application Programming Interface – APIs that act as interfaces for third-party systems
  8. Security – All interaction with the IOT Middleware are secured via HTTP/TLS protocol
Developers preference in choosing an IoT middleware like FAVORIOT as following:
  1. Open source
  2. A high number of active developers
  3. Easy to learn and use
  4. Future work prospects
  5. Quality/richness of APIs and available tools
  6. Fit for a specific industry or use case
  7. The highest potential for monetary compensation
  8. The richness of the community (local user groups)
  9. Fits with current skills
  10. Widespread business adoption
  11. Ability to scale automatically

You can subscribe to the Merdeka Offer HERE.

CEO Favoriot Dr. Mazlan Abbas, Kedudukan 10 Teratas 100 IoT Influencers

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Sumber: Otakit

Jika anda baca pencapaiannya sahaja, pasti merasa kagum. Pengasas dan Ketua Pegawai Eksekutif Favoriot Sdn. Bhd, berada pada kedudukan 50 teratas Most Impactful Smart Cities Leaders oleh World CSR Congress 2017, 10 Teratas pada IoT Top 100 Influencers oleh Postscapes 2017, Kedudukan ke 20 Thought Leader in IOT by 2014 Onalytics Report, 100 Teratas Thought Leaders and UTM Alumni Industry Personality 2016.

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