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Strategic Alliance Between FAVORIOT and Kaspersky to Strengthen IoT Security

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In response to the growing need for a robust and secure Internet of Things (IoT), FAVORIOT has strategically partnered with Kaspersky, a leader in cybersecurity.

This alliance has led to integrating the Kaspersky IoT Secure Gateway 1000 (KISG 1000) with FAVORIOT’s IoT solutions, significantly bolstering the security and reliability IoT systems based on joint offering .

As intermediaries between a diverse range of IoT devices and their network connections, IoT gateways are pivotal in managing the vast data flow and acting as critical shields against increasing cyber threats.

According to IoT Analytics analysis, by 2027, there will likely be more than 29 billion IoT connections. Thus, for the companies implementing IoT solutions, a cybersecurity question is vital.

IoT gateways perform a crucial dual role in the contemporary digital landscape. Firstly, they are essential channels for transmitting substantial data volumes generated by connected devices. Secondly, these gateways are designed to defend against cyber intrusions, a growing concern in today’s technology-driven world.

Also, the modern advanced IoT gateway, like KISG, performs various IoT-data processing functions (so called ‘edge computing’) in order to speed-up and optimize decision making, decrease network traffic and computing load in cloud.

The integration of Kaspersky’s KISG 1000 within FAVORIOT’s platform exemplifies their commitment to delivering premier secure IoT solutions, offering clients comprehensive protection of data and OT-networks ranging from personal to industrial applications.

The Kaspersky IoT Secure Gateway 1000 (KISG 1000)

Cyber Immunity and Reliable Connectivity

The Kaspersky IoT Secure Gateway 1000 stands out with its Cyber Immune capability, ensuring uninterrupted critical functionality even in hostile digital environments. Based on unique Cyber Immune microkernel KasperskyOS operating system, KISG can withstand even zero-day threats and advanced cyberattacks. Any malware or exploit trying to enter the device will be stopped by OS thanks to its strict execution domain isolation, multiple independent levels of security (MILS) and Flux Advanced Security Kernel architecture (FLASK).

As a reliable bridge between IoT devices and cloud platforms, KISG 1000 plays a crucial role in safeguarding infrastructure against cyberattacks and maintaining transparency in operations.

It securely collects and channels data to the cloud, utilizing the MQTT over TLS protocol for secure data transfer, epitomizing the marriage of functionality and security.

Equipped with advanced security functions like firewall and IDS/IPS with thousands of constantly updating network attack signatures, KISG 1000 is meticulously designed to combat complex cyber threats.

This advanced level of security is crucial in an era marked by the increasing sophistication and frequency of cyber-attacks.

FAVORIOT’s deployment of this fortified gateway ensures comprehensive protection, mitigating risks of unauthorized access and potential data breaches that could have extensive and severe implications.

Source: Kaspersky YouTube Channel

FAVORIOT’s Commitment to Secure IoT Communications

Beyond Data Protection

FAVORIOT’s commitment to secure IoT communications transcends mere data protection. It is a fundamental aspect of ensuring the integrity and reliability of the entire IoT ecosystem.

Through continuously enhancing its security measures, aligned with the latest developments in cybersecurity, FAVORIOT remains ahead of emerging threats.

This proactive stance is essential in preserving the effectiveness and dependability of IoT systems in an interconnected digital world.

A Foundation of Reliability and Trust

Integrating Kaspersky’s expertise via the KISG 1000 transforms FAVORIOT’s IoT platform into more than just an IT solution.

It represents a bedrock of reliability and trust, assuring clients that their systems are protected by some of the most advanced security measures. This partnership amplifies FAVORIOT’s security capabilities and cements its leadership role in delivering safe, efficient, and secure IoT solutions for the digital age.

Example of Secured IoT Communications Application Scenarios

Numerous IoT applications can leverage the Kaspersky IoT Secure Gateway with deployment on the highest level of security.

These applications span various sectors, including Smart Cities, Healthcare, Banking, and Safety, Command and Control environments. Each sector can use the security features of KISG (KISG)to suit its specific needs, ensuring optimal protection and functionality.

Use Cases: Secured IoT Gateway

IoT Education in Universities: The Critical Need for On-Premise IoT Platforms

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In an era where technology is advancing at an unprecedented rate, universities worldwide are tirelessly working to stay abreast of these changes.

A prime example of this technological evolution is in the field of the Internet of Things (IoT).

IoT’s significance extends far beyond academia, reshaping industries and everyday life. Despite this, a significant challenge persists in academia: the effective teaching and practical application of IoT concepts.

Identifying the Gap in IoT Learning

IoT education, ideally, is a blend of theoretical learning and hands-on experience. However, many universities face a substantial hurdle: lacking a dedicated IoT laboratory setup, notably lacking an IoT middleware or platform.

This deficiency significantly impedes students’ ability to understand and apply IoT concepts in real-world scenarios thoroughly.

The Missing Link in IoT Education: Middleware and Platforms

At the heart of this educational gap is the absence of IoT middleware or platforms in university labs.

These platforms are crucial as they facilitate the storage, management, and effective display of IoT data. This oversight leaves students underprepared to navigate the practical aspects of IoT project implementation.

The Dilemma of Platform Selection and Limitations

Often, students turn to free versions of IoT platforms available overseas as a makeshift solution. While these platforms provide a temporary fix, they are fraught with limitations, offering restricted features unless upgraded to paid versions.

This situation is not ideal, especially for students embarking on their initial forays into IoT or those engaged in short-term projects.

The Role of Universities in Enhancing IoT Infrastructure

It is incumbent upon universities to take a proactive stance in this regard. By establishing on-campus IoT platforms, they can offer students a more robust and comprehensive learning environment.

These platforms, ideally hosted in the university’s IT center or IoT labs, should be designed to grant individual access to students for various applications, ranging from lab exercises to final-year and even commercial projects.

Favoriot: Bridging the Educational Gap with On-Premise IoT Platforms

Addressing this educational need, Favoriot introduces an on-premise IoT platform solution specifically for educational institutions.

This platform circumvents the need for students to rely on external services, providing a stable, feature-rich environment for IoT learning and application.

Empowering Students with Advanced IoT Tools

Incorporating Favoriot’s IoT platform into university infrastructure significantly enhances the quality of IoT education.

Students gain hands-on experience with a comprehensive platform, equipping them with the necessary skills for real-world IoT applications.

Conclusion: Fostering Future-Ready IoT Expertise

In conclusion, integrating a dedicated IoT platform like Favoriot into university labs is a vital step toward modernizing IoT education. It equips students with the tools and experience essential for bridging the gap between theoretical knowledge and practical application. Favoriot’s on-premise IoT platform is not just an educational tool; it’s a stepping stone to future-ready IoT expertise.

For more information on how Favoriot’s on-premise IoT platform can transform IoT education in your university, please contact us at

How On-Premise Platforms Are Meeting Diverse Deployment Demands

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Nowadays, the deployment of IoT projects presents a unique set of challenges and opportunities for service providers, businesses, and governmental entities.

The complexity and scale of these deployments require a robust, efficient, and cost-effective solution, a demand that on-premise IoT platforms are uniquely positioned to fulfill.

Understanding the Challenges of IoT Deployments

  1. Diverse Needs of Service Providers: IoT service providers must cater to a wide range of customers, each with distinct requirements. This diversity necessitates a platform that is both flexible and adaptable, capable of handling various scenarios.
  2. Cost-Effectiveness for Local Councils: Budget constraints are a significant concern for local councils. Deploying an IoT platform at the state level offers a unified solution that can be leveraged by multiple councils, thus reducing overall costs. However, this approach may not always meet the specific needs of each council. Conversely, individual councils owning their IoT platforms can tailor deployments to their unique requirements at a higher cost.

On-Premise IoT Platforms: A Solution by Favoriot

Favoriot, a leading entity in the IoT domain, offers an on-premise IoT middleware that addresses the critical concerns of IoT deployment:

  • Data Sovereignty and Security: On-premise platforms enable organizations to maintain their data internally, providing enhanced security and ensuring data sovereignty, a vital consideration in an era of frequent data breaches and privacy concerns.
  • Scalability and Flexibility: The capacity to handle unlimited data and API calls is a significant advantage. Such scalability ensures that the platform can accommodate the growing IoT needs of an organization without any bottlenecks.
  • Customization and Control: Organizations gain complete control over their IoT deployments, allowing for customization in line with specific business needs and objectives. This level of control is often not feasible with cloud-based solutions.

Case Studies

  • State-Level Deployment for Local Councils: A state implementing an on-premise IoT platform for its local councils can achieve significant cost savings and standardized deployment. This facilitates better communication and data sharing between councils.
  • Individual Council Deployments: When a local council opts for its own IoT platform, it benefits from a solution highly tailored to its specific needs, ranging from traffic management to public safety.


The deployment of IoT projects involves navigating through many challenges, including data security and scalability.

On-premise IoT platforms, like Favoriot‘s, provide a compelling solution to these challenges. They offer the flexibility, scalability, and control necessary for diverse IoT deployments, catering to the needs of service providers, state governments, and individual local councils.

As the IoT landscape continues to expand and evolve, adopting on-premise platforms is likely to become a critical factor in the successful and efficient deployment of IoT solutions, ensuring that these technologies meet the growing and changing needs of the modern world.

Do you think an on-premise IoT platform will suit your needs? Contact Favoriot to schedule an appointment.

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