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FAVORIOT – The Latest IoT Startup in Malaysia

February 28th, 2017 Posted by IOT PLATFORM, SMART HEALTH 0 thoughts on “FAVORIOT – The Latest IoT Startup in Malaysia”

There are not many IoT companies in Malaysia. The current list can be seen here. However, there’s a talk of the town regarding a new IoT Startup that will be coming in April 2017 called “FAVORIOT“. Pronounced as “Favorite”. See their intro video below:

Favoriot is a new IoT startup in Malaysia that claimed to have a 7 team with a combined working experience of 120 years in ICT and IoT. Their office is located in Puchong, Selangor, Malaysia. With the extensive experience and expertise in IoT, they can become your number one IoT partner. As a world impactful IOT Thought Leader leading the team, they are well positioned to become a world’s leading IOT company.

Their social media links can be found in Favoriot Facebook Page, Twitter and Instagram.


I guess we have to wait till April 2017 to know more about Favoriot’s IoT offerings. Malaysia need more of these Startups to spur the whole IoT industry.

Aging Population – Impact to Younger Generation

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The population is the driving force for change. Many countries are facing an epidemic – more people leaving the workforce than people entering. If a country continues down this path.The consequences will be severe. With very few people in the workforce and so many depend on those in the workforce, more money has to be devoted to the pension. With more money going to pension, less will be put into the other areas such as education, transportation, and even healthcare. Taxation could also be increased, taking money from the people in the workforce and increasing the price of goods. When this happens, working people will not be able to afford luxury or even necessities. The economy will fail, the homeless people will arise. Many countries will face a demographic crisis.

Japan is spending a quarter of its budget on pension and social security for the elderly. The current system of Japan or Japanese social security system, the benefits are going to elder generation whereas the burden is borne by the working or young generation and it is found unsustainable.

How do we manage our elders? Are we prepared to bear the costs of the elderly? They deserved to be treated with respect. They are our parents. They are the ones that chart our future tomorrow.

About the Author

Dr. Mazlan Abbas is an IOT Evangelist and a Thought Leader. He received an award as 50 Most Impactful Smart Cities Leaders by World CSR 2017. He is ranked No. 20th Thought Leader in IOT by 2014 Onalytics Report – “The Internet of Things – Top 100 Thought Leaders”, ranked Top 10 in IoT Top 100 Influencers by Postscapes 2016/2017, ranked Top 100 in Smart Cities Top Experts by Agilience Authority Index May 2016. You can reach him on LinkedIn or Twitter. Check all his presentation slides HERE.

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50 Most Impactful Smart Cities Leaders (Global Listing) 2017

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