The New RAQIB – Peace of Mind for All

April 26th, 2019 Posted by BLOG 0 thoughts on “The New RAQIB – Peace of Mind for All”

FAVORIOT have extended and rebrand RAQIB beyond Hajj or Umrah monitoring purposes. This includes the new logo of RAQIB.

Hajj/Umrah Market Segment – Either the Hajj Authorities of the countries or the Private Hajj Travel Agencies will be providing an added-value service for the Hajj/Umrah pilgrims by ensuring their safety is being taken care by their Mutawwifs or Officers-charge.

Family Market Segment – As their elderly parents are staying home alone – either in cases whereby their children are working or no one else are staying with them, it will be a great service to provide a tools that enable other family members to monitor their safety from remote.

Tourists Market Segment– Hotels or Travel Agencies can provide a special service for their tourists. It can be a rental service to track their whereabouts or able to call help with a simple SOS call. We have heard many cases that tourists are being stalked, robbed, cheated or harrassed when they are alone.

Remote Patient Monitoring Market Segment – Hospitals can reduce the number of patients in the hospitals for their regular check-up by monitoring them from remote. It will saves a lot of time for other family members who need to accompany them. A simple couple of minutes check up can take hours in a crowded hospital.

Employees Safety Segment Market – Employers can ensure the safety of their employees that works in harsh environment. The employees can get quick help in cases of emergencies. It’s also a great tool during emergencies when you know the location of the employees that need help or can provide help for others.

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