Comparison Between the Beginner and Developer Plans for IoT Development Using Favoriot Platform

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This article will compare two popular plans: the Beginner Plan and the Developer Plan.

By examining the details, we aim to help you decide which plan best suits your IoT development needs.

Overview of Plans

  1. Beginner Plan: Priced at MYR 15 per month, MYR 100 per year, or MYR 240 for the Beginner Bundle, this plan is geared towards individuals starting their journey in IoT development.
  2. Developer Plan: This plan is available at MYR 180 per month, MYR 1,200 per year, or MYR 1,260 for the Developer Bundle and is designed for more advanced IoT developers.

Feature Comparison

  1. Number of Accounts: Both plans offer a single account.
  2. Number of Devices Supported: Unlimited devices are supported in the Beginner and Developer Plans.
  3. Number of APIs per Day: The Beginner Plan allows for 10,000 APIs per day, while the Developer Plan significantly increases this to 100,000.
  4. Import and Export Data: Data import is available in both plans, but the Developer Plan also offers data export capabilities.
  5. Dashboard: The Beginner Plan includes up to 20 dashboards, whereas the Developer Plan offers an unlimited number.
  6. Dashboard Sharing: Both plans offer private and public dashboard sharing.
  7. Widgets: The Beginner Plan allows 10 widgets per dashboard, while the Developer Plan expands this to 30.
  8. Widget Types: The Beginner Plan includes basic types like Graph, Text, Clock, Button, Slider, Switch, and Map. The Developer Plan adds more advanced options like Card, Layout, and Device Connectivity Status.
  9. Notification Channel: Email and Telegram are available in both plans, with SMS as an add-on.
  10. 3rd Party Integration: This feature is exclusive to the Developer Plan.
  11. Control: The Beginner Plan offers manual control through RPC, while the Developer Plan includes manual and automated control.
  12. Analytics: Available only in the Developer Plan, offering comprehensive analytic capabilities.
  13. Analytic Widgets and Categories: The Developer Plan includes six different analytic widget types, offering advanced statistics and forecasting.
  14. End-customer: The Developer Plan allows for creating end-customers with designated access.
  15. Support: Email support with a “Best Effort” level is provided in both plans.
  16. Data Retention: Data is retained for one year in both plans.

Choosing the Right Plan for You

  • For IoT Beginners: The Beginner Plan is an excellent starting point. It provides robust features that cater to basic IoT projects and learning needs. If you’re new to IoT or working on small-scale projects, this plan offers the necessary tools without overwhelming you with advanced features.
  • For Advanced Developers: The Developer Plan is tailored for more complex, larger-scale IoT projects. It’s ideal for professionals handling a high volume of APIs and requiring advanced analytics and third-party integrations. The Developer Plan is the way to go if your projects demand comprehensive data analysis, sophisticated widget options, and extensive device management.
  • For Education and Experimentation: The Beginner Plan is suitable for educational purposes and those experimenting with IoT concepts. However, the Developer Plan might be better if your educational projects or experiments require in-depth data analysis and advanced widget types.
  • For Business and Professional Use: For IoT professionals and businesses that require high-level functionalities like advanced analytics, extensive widget options, and automated control, the Developer Plan is more appropriate. It supports the complexity and scale that professional IoT projects demand.
Favoriot IoT Platform Subscription Plans


The choice between the Beginner and Developer Plans should be based on the complexity and scale of your IoT projects.

Beginners and those working on more minor, straightforward projects will find the Beginner Plan sufficient and cost-effective.

In contrast, advanced developers and professionals needing high-level analytics, extensive device support, and advanced control mechanisms will benefit more from the Developer Plan.

Consider your current needs and growth to make the best decision for your IoT journey.

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