1-Day: IoT for Business Professionals

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Are you curious about the Internet of Things (IoT) and its potential impact on businesses? Do you want to learn how to leverage IoT for business transformation or as a new venture? Then don’t miss out on our 1-day immersive course on IoT for Business Professionals!

Designed specifically for business executives, business owners, and entrepreneurs, this fast-paced course will introduce you to the IoT landscape and core concepts such as sensors, connectivity, and applications. You’ll discover how IoT plays a critical role in digital transformation and Industrial Revolution 4.0, and explore the benefits and applications of IoT for organizations across various industries.

Real-world problems that IoT can solve will also be discussed, along with practical applications and critical data for IoT success. You’ll hear real-life examples of successful IoT implementations and learn lessons from successful and failed IoT projects. Strategies for replicating IoT success in your organization and innovative IoT-based business models and services will be shared.

In addition to exploring the shift from technology-centric to outcome-based business models, you’ll learn to identify IoT opportunities and develop business plans. You’ll also have the chance to create your own IoT Business Model Canvas and build an IoT Checklist to get started on your IoT journey.

This non-technical course is ideal for business professionals, entrepreneurs, managers (product, sales, marketing, strategic, IT), senior executives, and C-suite members. It will be conducted face-to-face, providing a comprehensive and engaging learning experience.

By joining us for this course, you’ll gain valuable insights into the power of IoT and how it can revolutionize your organization. You’ll learn to overcome challenges and take advantage of new business opportunities while confidently beginning your IoT journey. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to transform your organization with the power of IoT! Register your interest now!

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