4-Days Mastering AIoT Training By Favoriot

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Let’s target for the year 2024 with a new skill or up-skill your IoT knowledge with AI.

Favoriot will be offering this training on May 6–9, 2024. Mark this in your calendar and register for an early bird price!

Unveiling the Mastering AIoT Course: A Synergy of AI & IoT

Today, we are seeing the fusion of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and the Internet of Things (IoT), giving rise to the next wave of the technological revolution — the Artificial Intelligence of Things (AIoT).

Recognizing this, we have meticulously designed a 4-day intensive course, “ Mastering AIoT — From Theory to Practice, “to provide a robust understanding of AIoT integration.

Course Objectives: Bridging Theory and Practice

The course is strategically developed to meet the following objectives:

  • Integrating AI with IoT: We start by familiarizing participants with the convergence of AI and IoT, a critical skill set for tomorrow’s innovators.
  • Exploring the IoT Ecosystem: Participants delve into the architecture and components of IoT, gaining comprehensive insights into its functioning.
  • Mastering Edge Computing with Jetson Nano: Focusing on the Jetson Nano hardware (or similar platforms) equips learners with hands-on expertise in IoT device management and data processing.
  • Interfacing and Data Transmission: We train you to interface sensors with Jetson Nano, ensuring seamless data flow to platforms like Favoriot.
  • Unlocking IoT Data Analytics: Specialized techniques are taught to decipher vast amounts of IoT data, turning information into actionable insights.
  • Empowering Creativity: The course culminates with designing and constructing intelligent IoT applications using AI, Python, and the Favoriot IoT Platform.

Target Participants: Who Will Benefit?

This course is tailored for:

  • Aspiring IoT Developers: Those looking to jumpstart their career in IoT development.
  • Data Scientists and Analysts: Professionals aiming to specialize in IoT data analytics.
  • AI Enthusiasts: Individuals keen on exploring the application of AI in the IoT space.
  • Product Managers: Decision-makers overseeing IoT product development.
  • Academics and Researchers: Those involved in AIoT research and education.
  • Entrepreneurs: Visionaries seeking to innovate with AIoT solutions.

Learning Outcomes: What You’ll Achieve

By the end of this course, participants will:

  1. Comprehend AI and IoT integration fundamentals.
  2. Develop IoT applications utilizing Jetson Nano, Python, and the Favoriot IoT Platform.
  3. Interface sensors with hardware like Jetson Nano for IoT data collection.
  4. Implement IoT-specific data analytics to derive significant insights.
  5. Apply machine learning algorithms for intelligent data interpretation.

Training Modules: Your Roadmap to AIoT Mastery

Module 1: The Foundations of IoT and AI

We begin with the basics, exploring IoT’s architecture and ecosystem and an introduction to AI, covering various learning types and their IoT applications.

Module 2: Data Acquisition on the Favoriot Platform

Diving into data acquisition and analysis for IoT, we provide insights into the Favoriot platform’s structure and data handling capabilities.

Module 3: AI Hardware Essentials

A comprehensive overview of Jetson Nano’s hardware, setting the stage for IoT development with practical Linux command training.

Module 4: Machine Learning Foundations

Exploring data analytics and machine learning types, introducing tools like TensorFlow and PyTorch, and hands-on model building.

Module 5: Delving into Neural Networks

An in-depth look at deep learning, including CNNs and RNNs, and practical exercises in building neural network models.

Module 6: IoT Integration Techniques

Connecting Jetson Nano to IoT devices and implementing edge computing for real-time data processing.

Module 7: IoT Data Analysis with Machine Learning

Preparing and analyzing IoT data with machine learning, visualizing results for unambiguous interpretation.

Module 8: AI Model Deployment

Finalizing the course with AI model deployment on hardware and optimization for peak performance.

Hardware Utilized in the Course

Participants will get hands-on experience with cutting-edge technology, including the Hibiscus Sense, Computer Jetson Nano 4G Dev Kits, and WiFi dongles, ensuring a practical learning environment.

Conclusion: Your Path to AIoT Expertise

This 4-day course is more than just a training program — it’s a transformative experience that will equip you with the knowledge and skills to innovate in the AIoT domain.

We invite all interested individuals to embark on this journey to learn and master the intricacies of AIoT.

For those ready to step into the future of intelligent technology and harness the full potential of AIoT, “ Mastering AIoT — From Theory to Practice” is your pivotal training ground. Join us and redefine what’s possible in the world of smart technology.

Contact Favoriot for the IoT Training.

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