FAVORWATCH – An Exclusive Interview with FAVORIOT’s CEO, Dr. Mazlan Abbas

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Azleen and Azraai made a surprise visit to FAVORIOT’s office in Puchong and got an exclusive interview with a demo on our latest product offering called “Favorwatch”.

Check out the video below:

(From Left) Azraai, Dr. Mazlan and Azleen

Favorwatch Click this –> List of Resources

FAVORWATCH Mobile App is now on Google Playstore

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Favorwatch is an elderly care solution that allows elderly people to live alone with constant supervision remotely.

The Favorwatch mobile application shows all the relevant information of the wearer such as the pulse rate, location, steps, blood pressure, ECG, fall detection and others. The vital parameters are monitored and displayed on the app and it depends on the type of watch features that the wearer wears.

Users can view all the latest information and the historical data in a rich graphical representation. The app also displays all the alerts such as when a fall is detected, a wearer goes out of boundaries and others. These are important so that quick action can be taken if any untoward incidents happen.

The main user can also make some changes such as the height and weight of the wearer, create the fence for detecting if the wearer goes out of the range and setting the authorized number for sending alerts and messages. A view only login code can be generated by the main use that can be shared with others.

You can download the Favorwatch Brochure here –
Or have a test ride on the Favorwatch Android App –
Video –

Once you have downloaded the Favorwatch from the Google Playstore, please email us (or and I will provide you further instructions how to view the actual real-time health data of the Favorwatch wearer.

We are in the final stages to launch the product and you will be the fortunate ones to receive the latest news and able to make the early Reservations.

We have the mission to make healthcare affordable to many people. You can watch an exclusive video interview with Dr. Mazlan, CEO of FAVORIOT regarding the upcoming Favorwatch!

The World is Facing Aging Population Issues. This Malaysian Startup Could Change All That

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Waiting for his father’s in-law Doctor’s appointment for almost 6-hours, traveling twice a day to visit at the hospital and later calling home every day when he is back home.

That’s how Dr. Mazlan Abbas, CEO, and co-founder of an IoT company FAVORIOT, describes his stressful and anxious moment whenever his in-laws are admitted to hospital or staying at home alone.


FAVORIOT specializes in Internet of Things (IoT) technology. Recently, FAVORIOT releases the latest Smart Health solution for the Senior Citizen called FAVORWATCH. The product is now at a Beta stage with several users are now trialing the solution.

As the world is facing an aging population issue with health care costs are rising, the elderly will have no better choice but to age in place with no one to take care of them because their children are working or lived at different places.

Even though health services have become better with more people living longer, the senior people tend to have increased number of chronic diseases as they age. Now, it’s the turn for their children to monitor them and ensure that they are having a safe, secure and healthy life.



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