Environmental Monitoring using Optical Sensor with IoT Adaptation

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Nowadays, there has been a high exposure to ethanol that can give side effect to the human. The cost-effective on monitoring the ethanol concentration with high selectivity based on optical based is developed. The ethanol sensor is developed using uncladded plastic optical fiber (UCPOF) and being coated with nanomaterials. The system is using the photodiode to interrogate the signal since it has the high sensitivity on wavelengths changes. The light source that travels along the ethanol sensor will be converted into the corresponding current. Then, the trans-impedance amplifier will convert the current into a voltage and received by Arduino UNO microcontroller. The sensor is having the ability to monitoring the remote sensor since it developed in small size. The advancement of this system, the project can monitor the ethanol in the long distance with the aid of Internet of Things (IoT) by using FAVORIOT IoT Cloud. The power of light intensity will be recorded in the Cloud. The collection of data in this system can be viewed and monitored in FAVORIOT website. The recorded data can be used to taking the fast action when will have the high exposure to ethanol.

[Note: This project is being done by UPM, our FAVORIOT’s University’s collaborator]

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LPG Leakage Detection System Using IoT

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Gas leakage detection at refilling station and storage area was either manual or local detection and monitoring only. should any leakage occur at odd hours where no personnel are around, then it may cause a hazard to people. This project will solve the issue of LPG leakage using relevant sensors for detection and provide IoT for real-time notification using the Favoriot platform.

[Note: This project is being developed by UTeM. Article was written by Mazran Esro]

Smart Bin Waste Management System by UniMAP

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This project is about the monitoring system for the Smart Bin in UniMAP, by implementing the Internet of Thing (IoT) and monitoring using the Favoriot platform. The user can monitor the data at any time and anywhere by accessing the system itself to know the condition of the Smart Bin. By having this monitoring system features, the Waste Management workers do not have to go to the Smart Bin itself to know the condition of the bin. The monitoring can be done through the system, or wait for any notification that sent from the system.

This project will involve software and hardware part. For hardware part, micro-controller and a sensor network consisting of Ultrasonic sensor to detect the level and also the Ammonia gas sensor with buzzer alarm to notify the user if they throw the odor waste inside the bin. While software part, the code will be written specifically for the selected microcontroller. This waste management system consists of two main elements which are the level detection of the smart bin and the odor detection with buzzer alarm.

[Note: This project is being developed by UniMAP, our FAVORIOT’s University’s collaborator. Article was written by Dr. Azremi Abdullah Al-Hadi]

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