Comparison Between the Free and Beginner Plans for IoT Development Using Favoriot Platform

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Choosing the right plan to suit your needs is crucial if you are an IoT developer using the Favoriot IoT platform.

Today, we will compare two popular options: the Free Plan and the Beginner Plan.

Each plan has unique features and advantages, making it suitable for different users. Let’s dive into a detailed comparison to help you decide which plan best fits your IoT projects.

Overview of Plans

  1. Free Plan: Costing MYR 0, this plan is ideal for those just starting or experimenting with IoT.
  2. Beginner Plan: Available at MYR 15 per month, MYR 100 per year, or MYR 240 for the Beginner Bundle, this plan is designed for users ready to take their IoT projects to the next level.

Comparison of Features

  1. Number of Accounts: Both plans offer a single account.
  2. Number of Devices Supported: The Free Plan supports one device, while the Beginner Plan offers support for an unlimited number of devices.
  3. Number of APIs per Day: The Free Plan limits to 500 APIs per day, whereas the Beginner Plan expands this limit to 10,000.
  4. Import Data: This feature is not available in the Free Plan but is included in the Beginner Plan.
  5. Export Data: Again, only the Beginner Plan allows export data.
  6. Dashboard: The Free Plan offers a single dashboard, while the Beginner Plan allows up to 20 dashboards.
  7. Dashboard Sharing: Dashboard sharing is private for both plans. However, the Beginner Plan also allows public sharing.
  8. Widgets: The Free Plan includes 2 widgets per dashboard, whereas the Beginner Plan offers 10 widgets per dashboard.
  9. Widget Types: The Free Plan is limited to Graph widgets. The Beginner Plan includes a variety of widget types like Graph, Text, Clock, Button, Slider, Switch, and Map.
  10. Notification Channel: Both plans offer email notifications. The Beginner Plan adds Telegram and SMS (as an add-on) to the mix.
  11. 3rd Party Integration: This feature is absent in the Free Plan but available in the Beginner Plan.
  12. Control: Manual control through RPC (Remote Procedure Call) is only available in the Beginner Plan.
  13. Analytics: Only the Beginner Plan offers analytics features.
  14. Analytic Widgets and Categories: These advanced features are exclusive to the Beginner Plan.
  15. End-customer Support: Neither plan offers end-customer support.
  16. Data Retention: Both plans retain data for one year.
  17. Support: Email support is available for both plans, with the Beginner Plan offering a “Best Effort” level.

Which Plan Should You Choose?

  • For Hobbyists and Beginners: The Free Plan is a great starting point if you’re getting your feet wet in IoT. It allows you to experiment with basic IoT concepts without any financial commitment.
  • For Serious IoT Enthusiasts and Small Businesses: If you are planning to manage multiple devices and require more advanced features like data export, analytics, and third-party integrations, the Beginner Plan is more suitable. It offers a broader range of functionalities catering to more complex IoT projects.
  • For Students and Educators: The Free Plan can be an excellent educational tool for learning the basics. However, the Beginner Plan is recommended for more in-depth study or projects requiring advanced features.
  • For IoT Developers and Innovators: The Beginner Plan, with its higher API limits, advanced widget options, and analytics, is the better choice for developers looking to build sophisticated IoT solutions.
Favoriot IoT Platform Subscription Plans


Choosing between the Free and Beginner Plans depends mainly on your specific needs, the complexity of your IoT projects, and your level of expertise in the field.

While the Free Plan offers a good starting point for beginners and hobbyists, the Beginner Plan is undoubtedly more robust, catering to those who require advanced features and greater scalability.

Consider your project requirements and future growth prospects to make the best choice for your IoT journey.

Contact Favoriot ( if you need further information. Favoriot also offers an on-premise IoT platform.

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