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All we know Health is Wealth.So the health issue is very important for our daily life. Especially it is very important and sensitive issue when it’s related to Elderly patients.We must be very careful regarding the handling of the Elderly people.
Favorwatch is not only a watch but also giving huge benefits for its users.

First of all, I would like to say this favorwatch is very helpful for everyone.But this watch is more helpful for the Elderly people. The Favorwatch is a great invention by the team of Favoriot. I have used the watches for my residence Elderly patients in my Centre. The favorwatch is very helpful and acts like a 24 hours security system for the Elderly people.It has few great features like 24 hours pulse rates, blood pressure, ECG monitoring, steps, calories.The beautiful feature is Fall detection and SOS button for any kinds of help. The SOS button is connected to the nearby emergency department and also connected to the relatives by the mobile connectivity. It has a SIM card inside and also it is voice enabled. So the Elderly people also can talk with their relatives. It has also the GPS system inside so that the person is easily reachable. So the Favorwatch is very useful for the Alzheimers, Dementia, Parkinsons patients. The Favorwatch will bring more features in the near future.” – Prof.Dr.Zahid Haque,Ph.D, D.Sc MBBS,MPH, MBA, LL.B,FRSPH(UK),FAAFP(USA), Board Certified(USA) , Chairman, PLZ Newage Care S/B

Things and human intermingle in the cyberspace where the interactions can have real consequences in physical space. Managing, connecting and visualizing these “things” are of utmost importance. Favoriot helps to bring this data to life with rule-based smart action” – Dr. Rozeha A. Rashid, Head of Advanced Telecommunication Technology Research Group (ATT RG), FKE, UTM

From data to information, information to knowledge, knowledge to wisdom, the journey is fraught with trial and errors. It won’t hurt to have Favoriot help you with your first step and beyond” – Mr. Hadi Fikri Abdul Hamid, Ph.D. Student, ATT RG, FKE, UTM

Favoriot – my to-go-to authority on all things IoT. It is my best source to learn the latest trends and to leverage on IOT-driven solutions that can make life better, even for my elders.” – Caroline Ang, Yayasan Inovasi Malaysia

There are people who just talk and expect things to happen. There are people who rush to supposedly make things happen without talking or thinking through. Favoriot and especially Dr. Mazlan Abas its evangelist talks, shares, educates and tries to ensure that IoT projects by whatever parties are for the right purposes and for the right situations and environments to achieve success for the benefit of all.‘ – Abdul Fattah Mohamed Yatim, Deputy Chairman of National Industry Standards Committee on IT, Communications and Multimedia (codenamed ISC/G), Department of Standards Malaysia. (The National Standards Committee on Internet of Things, codenamed TC/G/16, is a committee under ISC/G.)

Today, STEM education plays important roles in the development of the younger generation for their future career. Favoriot is promoting #GenerationIOT, in the synergy of the great IOT platform by Favoriot and IOT learning kit from us (MyInvent), we believe our partnership could grow together, then help our younger generation be ready for their future.” – Mohd Ariffin Zulkifli, IoT Engineer/Trainer, MyInvent Enterprise.

IoT journey could be tough, but you will not be alone with Favoriot. Being part of the ecosystem of IoT with Favoriot bring us move further.” – Tan Chin Luh, Technical Consultant, Trity Technologies

Whenever I want to connect my IoT devices, the word that will appear in my mind is Favoriot. It’s the best choice of an IoT middleware platform for an IoT developer. Real-time data from the IoT devices can be viewed in graphs. Notification messages can be sent via SMS and email when an event occurred makes Favoriot far superior to others” – Dr. Ansar Jamil, Lecturer, FKEE, UTHM

“Favoriot is awesome and user-friendly!. Visualized data provided based on the real-time aggregation of the data stream.” – Muhamad Nabil Asyraf Ghazali, Student, FKEE, UTHM

Internet of Things is a complex and connected solution which need to deliver in the simplest manner for a complex problem, this type of solution offering was not possible 10 years ago, while it’s now possible with the development of Low Power Wide Aera connectivity, Cloud Computing, and Artificial Intelligence. Commercialisation of IoT solutions need multi-domain expertise, an organization such as Favoriot provide solutions that reduce time to market and scalability advantages.

EcoSystem owners can depend on Favoriot commitment to ensure robust interface and manage the security’s issue that is required when massive devices are interconnected.” –Mu. Pathma, CEO, Promosys Technology

Development of IOT system has been growing rapidly nowadays and it comes along with the cybercriminal problems. Favoriot can be the total solution in order to manage the security issue and managing your systems.” – Muhd Arif Ridhwan Mohd Jalil, Electronics Engineer/IoT Trainer, AR Team Electronics

Dr. Mazlan is one of IoT’s CEOs that worrying about elderly. He has the human touch.” – Francisco Maroto, CEO, OIES Consulting

Favoriot is a rendezvous for all of the sensors where the data are collected, aggregated and transformed into meaningful ways.” – Helmi Fazalul, technical Sales manager, Xperanti


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