Malaysia’s IoT Outlook – Part 2

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Check out the first part of Malaysia’s IoT Outlook here.


I congratulate you Dr Mazlan for initiating this and for the responses that I consider candid and a fair representation of reality. The responses also confirms some of the concerns I have generally in Malaysia with respect to technology promotion and implementation. We are not short of masterplans and strategic plans and some (or perhaps most) reflect a mindset that “Oh yes we are into it, ,,, this is our strategic plan … bla bla bla” without actually putting in the necessary incentives, funds and institutional support to make the plan work, even though these provisions are mentioned in the respective plan in most cases.
In the book titled “Malaysia Policies & Issues in Economic Development” by the Institute of Strategic and International Studies Malaysia, a part of the text referring to earlier Malaysia plans (before the ninth Malaysia plan) says, “Many of the Science and Technology targets under most of Malaysia’s Five-year Development Plans have not been achieved and many of the policy pronouncements have remained statements of intent. Performance has always fallen short of the targets.”

A Blockchain Expert, A. Fattah Yatim

We did another survey and asked 3 questions to some of the industry players. Check out their responses below from:

  1. Fairuz Ilias, Solutions Manager, Altel Communications Sdn Bhd
  2. Dr. Rosdiadee Nordin, Associate Professor, Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia

Question (1) – Have our Malaysia National IoT Roadmap achieved its objectives? If not – why? Check out this –

  1. Fairuz Ilias – To me, achievements has to come on results. I don’t think we achieved enough tobegin with. How many National IOT Agendas have been fulfilled and proven to actually help to improve national issues?
  2. Dr. Rosdiadee – Not yet

Question (2) – What is the IoT Talent situation in Malaysia? How can we improve (if any)?

  1. Fairuz Ilias – We have an abundance of talented individuals and companies in Malaysia. The one thing that we can try is to have an actual IOT initiative that can help in improving lives. For instance traffic management, waste management, to name a few. We don’t have to go for the big bang, small meaningful initiatives are one of the best ways towards a more developed nation.
  2. Dr. Rosdiadee – Universities aware on the importance of IoT, and curriculum at the engineering programme is ready for IoT market. However concern is on the lack of job opportunity or initial business opportunity.

Question (3) – What can our Government do to help the IoT Industry?

  1. Fairuz Ilias – The government needs to have and promote a jurisdiction or state-wide IOT initiatives. Entice states to come up with their own initiatives that tackle their current problems. The gov can help by funding, infrastructure, or even promotion. Encourage government agencies to take part and also acknowledge the importance of IOT within their jurisdictions. Promote values first rather than technology to enhance our way of life. Technology is there to help us not as an escape towards dealing with the problems that we face.
  2. Dr. Rosdiadee –
    • Tax relief to offset capital investment on IoT and accelerate deployment
    • Practice what you preach – to ensure IoT adoption occur at impactful ministries. No doubt it will be slow, but there’s a need to have monitoring and visibility
    • To ensure policy and process does not hinder the IoT deployment in country,

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