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Robust Vision-Based Human Detection in a Dynamically Varying Environment

February 16th, 2018 Posted by HOW-TO, IOT PLATFORM, SMARTCITY 0 thoughts on “Robust Vision-Based Human Detection in a Dynamically Varying Environment”

Regardless of various research endeavors, the performance of current human detection system is still a long way from what could be utilized dependably under varying realistic environment. This is expected to some extent to the inborn troubles related to the human body and nature in which it is found. The non-unbending nature of the human body offers to ascend to varieties in the stances that it can accept and when this is combined with movement a few displaying issues are exhibited. Because of some position and angle of the camera, the view and size varieties represent some technical difficulties to the models that can be implemented. It is different with other objects that normally show up in one shape, people can be dressed in any form of changing shading and surface. The location of the human object in the environment is an essential part of the appearance. For example, the environment illumination could upgrade or corrupt the appearance relying on the direction and nature of the light. Most of the challenges with complex background are mostly experienced in the open area. Occlusion is always a challenge for robustness with several human and interactivities. This might be the parts of body cover with another part of a body which create inter-object occlusion which happens when one human walk in front and another human is behind.

As a result, we propose to develop the vision-based human detection system with Artificial Intelligence method: Deep Neural Network and Internet-of-Things (IoT) technology to strengthen the robustness of the system. FAVORIOT IoT Cloud platformact as a middleware will be fully utilized to store images to prevent data loss through the internet.

[Note: This project is being done by UPM, our FAVORIOT’s University’s collaborator]

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Environmental Monitoring using Optical Sensor with IoT Adaptation

February 14th, 2018 Posted by HOW-TO, SMARTCITY 0 thoughts on “Environmental Monitoring using Optical Sensor with IoT Adaptation”

Nowadays, there has been a high exposure to ethanol that can give side effect to the human. The cost-effective on monitoring the ethanol concentration with high selectivity based on optical based is developed. The ethanol sensor is developed using uncladded plastic optical fiber (UCPOF) and being coated with nanomaterials. The system is using the photodiode to interrogate the signal since it has the high sensitivity on wavelengths changes. The light source that travels along the ethanol sensor will be converted into the corresponding current. Then, the trans-impedance amplifier will convert the current into a voltage and received by Arduino UNO microcontroller. The sensor is having the ability to monitoring the remote sensor since it developed in small size. The advancement of this system, the project can monitor the ethanol in the long distance with the aid of Internet of Things (IoT) by using FAVORIOT IoT Cloud. The power of light intensity will be recorded in the Cloud. The collection of data in this system can be viewed and monitored in FAVORIOT website. The recorded data can be used to taking the fast action when will have the high exposure to ethanol.

[Note: This project is being done by UPM, our FAVORIOT’s University’s collaborator]

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Why IOT in Your Job Title is Very Important Nowadays?

October 7th, 2017 Posted by Internet of Things, IOT PLATFORM 0 thoughts on “Why IOT in Your Job Title is Very Important Nowadays?”
Do You Wear IOT in Your Job Title?

LinkedIn is an excellent website to seek jobs and network with the professionals. People who subscribed to LinkedIn are mostly genuine whereby they will disclose their professional profile in a transparent manner. Thus, you can clearly see their job titles and experiences.

Five or ten years ago, the job titles that bear the word “M2M” were too common, but things have changed since the last two years. Internet of Things is the most hype word in the business world.

When I decided to embark on the business of IoT three years ago, I decided what will be the name of the company and surprisingly, there is no business is Malaysia have “IOT” in their company’s name. Thus, I chose “REDtone IOT” as our company’s name and very excited to be the first in Malaysia. We also created job titles such as – IOT Specialist, IOT Manager, Lead IOT Engineer, etc. These titles are non-existent in LinkedIn during that time.

And later, when I left the company to set up another IoT company, we still choose IoT in the name of new Startup called “FAVORIOT“. We have added “IoT Business Executive” and “IoT Apprentice” as part of the job titles.

And today (2017), things are very different, we can see many jobs which are now focused and specialised in the areas of IoT such as:

  • Chief IOT Officer
  • IOT Software Engineer
  • IOT Application Developer
  • IOT Mobile Application Engineer
  • IOT Solutions Architect
  • General Manager IOT Software
  • IOT Product Manager
  • IOT Client Solutions Architect
  • IOT Solutions Sales Architect
  • Partner Development Manager – IOT
  • Service Sales Engagement Manager – IOT
  • Sales Director IOT
  • PR Manager IOT
  • IOT Data Analytics
  • IOT Ecosystem Technology Intern
  • …..and much more

Rarely you will see jobs have M2M titles and even if they do, they will have both “IOT and M2M” in their job title. Probably, people perceived M2M as an “old” technology. Thus, they fancied having IOT that is more fashionable, trendy and the “in-thing.”

The trend using “IOT” as their job titles shows that Internet of Things is becoming a serious business focus. People that have the knowledge and experience in IOT are rare in the market. We see Universities started to offer subjects related to IOT, and this is a good indication that the industry will get more supply of new graduates that have IOT background.

Personally, I see people that have “IOT skills” are very rare breed. They combined multiple skills both from technology (sensors, mobile, cloud, analytics, etc.) and business acumen (solutions selling, partner development, etc.). IOT is here to stay and thus, need to ensure that we have enough pool of resources to make all the “Smart” applications that IOT promised be a reality.

Let’s create the next generation of “IOT specialists”!

What do you think?

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