Tips – How to Successfully Deploy IoT Solutions or Services

January 17th, 2019 Posted by BLOG 0 thoughts on “Tips – How to Successfully Deploy IoT Solutions or Services”

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Following are some of my tips and also given from my peers from LinkedIn.

Mazlan‘s Tips:

  1. How to implement IoT in your organization. Simple Strategy – Think Big Start Small
  2. The most difficult part of IoT is taking the 1st step. Many thought they can jump whereas they can actually start with a baby step.
  3. Blockchain, Big Data, and Artificial Intelligence are IoT’s Best Friends
  4. IoT will be very disruptive the moment we can find it’s 10X secrets!

Jegandran Balakrishnan‘s Tips:

  1. Build partnerships – Partnerships between OT and IT are crucial.
  2. Clarify business outcomes and ROI – An IoT project starts with an idea, a need or an opportunity that is detected. But the business case needs to be clear.
  3. Start Small – Pilots, incremental growth, start small, fail, iterate, go bigger, scale, you know the approach and the benefit. This is very often the de facto approach in the Internet of Things and Industrial Internet of Things projects.
  4. Security First – Security by design and embedded security is a must. And as in all transformational projects, involve security early on.
  5. An architect for analytics – It’s all about big data – and what you do with it: the intelligence, the action, the automation.

Jaya Krishna‘s Tips:

Start with monitoring of consumption will know the trends to optimize the resources and asset performance, mapping with business will improve bottom line profit

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