Why Universities Should Focus on Data Analytics Rather Than DIY IoT Hardware

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The focus of IoT subjects in academic institutions, particularly universities, is at a pivotal juncture.

While it’s beneficial for students to delve into IoT projects, utilizing affordable sensors and microcontrollers to grasp the basics of IoT hardware design and development, this approach only scratches the surface of what the industry demands.

As educational institutions aim to prepare students for the realities of the professional world, the emphasis should shift towards data analytics rather than constructing IoT hardware.

Bridging the Gap Between Academic Projects and Industry Standards

The hands-on experience gained from building IoT projects with cost-effective tools like Arduino or Raspberry Pi is invaluable for understanding the fundamental concepts of IoT.

However, this experience is markedly different from the challenges faced in the commercial sector.

Commercially viable and robust IoT hardware development transcends the capabilities of the affordable sensors used in academic projects.

Prototypes crafted in university labs often need more durability and accuracy when deployed in real-world conditions, frequently yielding unreliable data.

The Essential Role of Data Analytics

In the professional realm, commercial and industrial-grade IoT hardware is the norm.

These high-quality devices are designed to endure rigorous conditions and provide precise, consistent data.

Robust and reliable hardware provides a trusted and continuous data stream.

The crux of IoT’s value in the industry lies not in the hardware itself but in the insights derived from the data it collects.

This is where the focus on data analytics becomes crucial.

Data analytics in the context of IoT extends beyond simple visualization to encompass predictive modeling and decision-making.

It requires a robust skill set in coding, artificial intelligence (AI), and machine learning (ML). The data harvested from diverse IoT devices across various scenarios present unique challenges in interpretation and application.

The ability to transform raw data into compelling narratives and actionable insights — a skill known as data storytelling — is increasingly recognized as pivotal in unlocking the full potential of IoT implementations.

Cultivating Future-Ready Skills

Universities have the opportunity to equip students with the skills necessary to thrive in a data-driven IoT landscape.

This entails a curriculum emphasizing data analysis, AI, and ML, in conjunction with an understanding of leveraging IoT platforms such as the Favoriot IoT platform for data collection, visualization, and analysis.

Ensuring students are adept in these areas prepares them to make meaningful contributions to their organizations from the outset, enabling them to handle industry-grade hardware and, more importantly, to extract and interpret the valuable data it provides.


The shift towards a data-centric approach in IoT education is not just a response to industry trends; it’s a forward-looking strategy to empower the next generation of technologists.

By focusing on data analytics, universities can bridge the gap between academic exercises and the real-world demands of IoT, fostering a workforce capable of leveraging IoT technologies to their fullest potential.

As we continue to navigate the complexities of digital transformation, the ability to understand and act upon data insights will be paramount, underscoring the need for an educational paradigm that prioritizes data analytics in the realm of IoT.

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