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How-To Solve the Issues in University Campuses Efficiently

January 14th, 2019 Posted by BLOG 0 thoughts on “How-To Solve the Issues in University Campuses Efficiently”
         screenshot_05.jpgCommon Campus Problems

Students play an important role in the existence of Universities – without them or “lack” of them can even shut down Colleges or Universities. When faced with a lack of funding situation, one of the first things to do is to cut down costs especially maintenance and this will further impact the quality of service.

Thus, you will get more complaints from students such as:

  • No lights in the dorm or toilets
  • Pipe leaking
  • Water is polluted
  • Projector and audio system in the lecture hall not working
  • Garbage unattended
  • Air-conditioning not working
  • Vandalism happening everywhere
  • …and many more

The lack of response and proper attention will further deteriorate the quality of services of the campus and will discourage other students from registering to the Universities. With the advent of social media, such complaints can be easily posted on the Net for others to see.

How do we solve these problems before it gets bigger and out of hands?

What if you can have a very cost effective solution using the students themselves to help solve these problems? FAVORSENSE for Campuses from FAVORIOT is can easily resolve this. A simple Favorsense mobile app can “crowd sense/crowdsource” the problems easily and escalate the reports to the Facility Manager of the Campus.

The Crowdsensing Management Platform can easily manage the reports and escalate to the assigned Campus panel of contractors. The contractors have a web app called Favorsense Field Force will receive all the jobs assigned to them and must attend to the jobs within the agreed Service Level Agreement (SLA).

The University’s Top Management can easily view the reports instantly and understand how to prioritize or manage their maintenance budget. The students who make the reports will be able to track the progress easily rather than have to call for assistance or checking continuously.


For further information regarding FAVORSENSE for CAMPUSES, please contact

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Better, Safer and Smart Community

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Eric Chong and his family including several of the residents wanted to go back to their hometown for their Chinese New Year Holidays. Since their Residential Association (RA) have subscribed to Favorsense, he can just send a request to Favorsense and stated the time frame of their absence. The RA Admin will assign the RA security to take extra patrol during this period.

For the past week, the local council’s garbage truck did not take most of the garbage along Abdul Majid’s road. And this causes a big problem because the stray dogs are rummaging the trash and littered the areas. Unfortunately,  their local councils have not subscribed to Favorsense but since their Community Residential Association have a strong voice with the local councils, Abdul Majid just had to submit to their RA Favorsense. His report about the unattended garbage issues and also the stray dogs were quickly handled by their RA Favorsense Admin who called the right Authorities.

Muthusamy and John always had an early morning jogging together and they noticed the fences that formed the gated community was torn down by someone. Worried that it might cause a breach of security, they quickly take photos of the fences and submit via Favorsense. Since it is automatically geotagged, the reports are quickly handled by the RA.



These are some examples, how Favorsense for Residential Association from FAVORIOT can help the Community better. For more info, please send email to

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Best Smart Hajj Apps in 2019 – RAQIB and Favorsense

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What happens when you combined RAQIB and FAVORSENSE apps together during Hajj?

RAQIB Your Smart Hajj Companion



Now imagine, you are performing your pilgrimage for the first time either with your Country Hajj Authority or the Private Hajj/Umrah Travel Agencies. You are given a smartwatch called RAQIB that can monitor your most important assets i.e. health and security. Furthermore, RAQIB mobile apps allow both your Travel Agent Hajj Officers to monitor your condition and giving peace of mind to your family members back home.

And if you bring along your spouse, you are not going to get worried because you will always know their whereabouts even when you are separated. Any emergency can be alerted through RAQIB app and either the officers or you can find your spouse location if they get lost. If equipped with voice capability, the watch is able to make and receive calls too.

During the Hajj peak period when Millions stayed at Arafah, Mudzalifah, and Mina, you will encounter bigger problems because the white tents looked so alike. But fret not, RAQIB will be always there in case you need any help. Even when you are caught with the usual “Hajj Cough”, your vital signs can always be monitored using the Blood Pressure and ECG measurement.

FAVORSENSE to the Rescue!

During the long stay in Mecca, you might encounter many issues pertaining to the Hajj services of your country or private travel agents. You can use FAVORSENSE to make the report which will be escalated immediately to the right authorities. The mobile app allows you to take a photo, write a short description and it will automatically geo-tagged the photo or place of the incident and click “submit”. That rest of the process will be taken care of by the authorities and when the case has been attended and close, you will also be notified through the app.

A Better Pilgrim Engagement



Imagine if the Kingdom of Saudi uses FAVORSENSE for any complaints or issues or suggestions which can be crowdsourced via all the pilgrims around the world, it will make the Kingdom be more effective, responsive and transparent. The data can be used for the Kingdom to be better prepared for future pilgrimages.

Both solutions are powered by FAVORIOT. For more details about RAQIB and FAVORSENSE, please email to

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