Comparison Between the Beginner and IoT Ecosystem Plans for IoT Development Using the Favoriot Platform

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This article aims to draw a comparison between two unique plans: the Beginner Plan and the IoT Ecosystem Plan.

Each plan has features designed to suit various user groups ranging from solo IoT hobbyists to larger educational institutions.

Overview of Plans

  1. Beginner Plan: Priced at MYR 15/month, MYR 100/year, or MYR 240 for the Beginner Bundle, this plan is designed for individuals embarking on their IoT journey.
  2. IoT Ecosystem Plan: At MYR 3,000/year, this plan targets universities, colleges, and training centers, offering a comprehensive package for educational purposes.

Feature Comparison

  1. Number of Accounts: Beginner Plan: Single account. IoT Ecosystem Plan: 30 Beginner Accounts plus one System Admin.
  2. Number of Devices Supported: Both Plans Support unlimited devices.
  3. Number of APIs per Day: Beginner Plan: 10,000 APIs. IoT Ecosystem Plan: 10,000 APIs per day for each Beginner Account.
  4. Import and Export Data: Both Plans Offer data export capabilities.
  5. Dashboard: Both Plans have up to 20 dashboards.
  6. Dashboard Sharing: Both Plans: Private and public sharing.
  7. Widgets: Both Plans: 20 widgets per dashboard.
  8. Widget Types: Both Plans: Include Graph, Text, Clock, Button, Slider, Switch, and Map.
  9. Notification Channel: Both Plans: Email and Telegram, with SMS as an add-on.
  10. 3rd Party Integration: Both Plans: Not available.
  11. Control: Both Plans: Offer manual control through RPC (Remote Procedure Call).
  12. Analytics: Both Plans: Do not include advanced analytics.
  13. Analytic Widgets and Categories: Both Plans: Not applicable as neither plan includes analytic widgets.
  14. End-customer: Both Plans: No specific features for end-customers.
  15. Support: Both Plans: Email support with a “Best Effort” level.
  16. Data Retention: Both Plans: 1 year of data retention.

Ideal Users for Each Plan

Beginner Plan:

  • Ideal for individual IoT enthusiasts or small-scale developers.
  • Suitable for hobbyists or professionals starting in IoT.
  • Great for small businesses exploring IoT applications.

IoT Ecosystem Plan:

  • Perfect for educational institutions like universities and training centers.
  • Ideal for facilitating large-scale student access to IoT development tools.
  • It is beneficial for educators looking to incorporate IoT into their curriculum.
Favoriot IoT Platform Subscription Plans

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When deciding between the Beginner Plan and the IoT Ecosystem Plan, consider the scale and scope of your IoT endeavors.

For individual developers or small teams, the Beginner Plan offers robust features tailored to personal or small-scale projects.

In contrast, the IoT Ecosystem Plan is specifically designed to cater to the educational sector, providing a broad platform for teaching and learning IoT across a larger group of users.

This plan is precious for institutions aiming to offer multiple learners comprehensive, hands-on IoT experiences simultaneously.

The choice depends on your specific needs — whether you’re an individual starting your IoT journey or an educational institution aiming to equip many students with IoT skills.

Each plan has its strengths and is designed to meet different requirements in the exciting and evolving world of IoT development.

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