Maximize ROI in IoT: How Favoriot’s Developer Plan Offers Cost-Effective Solutions for Every Business!

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One of the main challenges in deploying IoT (Internet of Things) solutions is the time required for development without proper tools.

Given the intricacies of managing IoT devices and applications, this complexity is compounded for System Integrators who manage multiple customer projects.

The Favoriot Developer Plan aims to address these challenges by facilitating more effortless and more manageable development and deployment of IoT projects.

Businesses today are increasingly looking for efficient ways to monitor and manage assets across various domains such as warehouses, logistics, buildings, factories, and agriculture.

The Favoriot Developer Plan offers IoT solution providers an opportunity to meet these needs. This plan mainly benefits developers creating customized IoT solutions for multiple clients.

Key Features of the Favoriot Developer Plan:

  1. Simplifying IoT Development: The Developer Plan is ideal for creating straightforward, powerful IoT dashboards. It supports up to 100,000 data points daily, which is suitable for most applications that do not require extensive data processing.
  2. Customizable Dashboards: The plan allows for the creation of diverse dashboard views tailored to each client’s specific monitoring requirements, whether it’s for warehouses, logistics, or agricultural health monitoring.
  3. Cost-Effective and Profitable: With an annual subscription of RM 1.2K and the potential to service multiple clients, the plan offers significant ROI potential. This pricing model is especially attractive to small and medium-sized enterprises entering the IoT space.
  4. On-Premise Model for Extensive Data Handling: For solutions requiring more comprehensive data management, Favoriot also offers an on-premise model supporting unlimited data points, which is ideal for complex IoT solutions.
  5. Streamlined Development and Deployment: The Developer Plan simplifies the entire IoT solution development process, allowing a focus on innovation rather than technical complexities.

Consider a practical example of how the Favoriot Developer Plan can effectively be utilized in a real-world IoT solution scenario.

Scenario: Smart Warehouse Monitoring

Background: A logistics company wants to optimize its warehouse operations. They need a real-time system to monitor temperature, humidity, and inventory levels to ensure the quality of stored goods and efficient inventory management.

How the Favoriot Developer Plan is Utilized:

Custom Dashboard Creation:

  • Using Favoriot’s customizable dashboards, you develop a user-friendly interface that displays real-time warehouse conditions and inventory-level data.
  • Separate widgets or sections are created for temperature, humidity, and inventory data.

Data Point Integration:

  • You integrate IoT sensors throughout the warehouse that measure temperature and humidity and connect them to the Favoriot platform.
  • RFID tags attached to inventory items send data to the system, allowing for real-time tracking of stock levels.

Alert System:

  • You set up alert notifications within the Favoriot system. For example, the system immediately alerts the warehouse manager if the temperature or humidity exceeds the set thresholds.
  • Similarly, alerts for low inventory levels ensure timely replenishment.

Data Handling:

  • The system handles up to 100,000 data points daily, covering the extensive data generated by the warehouse sensors.
  • This ensures comprehensive monitoring without the need for extensive data processing resources.


  • The low annual subscription cost of the Favoriot Developer Plan makes the solution affordable for the logistics company.
  • The return on investment is realized through improved efficiency and reduced losses due to spoilage or inventory mismanagement.


  • As the logistics company grows, the Favoriot system can be scaled to accommodate more data points or additional warehouses.
  • The on-premise model can be adopted for more complex operations or when data handling needs exceed the standard plan.

Ease of Deployment:

  • The straightforward setup and deployment process facilitated by the Favoriot Developer Plan allows for quick implementation and minimal disruption to warehouse operations.

In this scenario, the Favoriot Developer Plan enables the logistics company to achieve its goal of smart warehouse monitoring.

The plan’s customizable dashboards, efficient data handling, and cost-effective subscription model make it an ideal solution for the company’s IoT needs.

As a developer, you can replicate this model across multiple clients with varying requirements, demonstrating the Favoriot Developer Plan’s versatility and business potential.

The Favoriot Developer Plan is a potent tool for IoT solution providers, offering high-quality, customizable solutions for a diverse client base. Its affordability, customization potential, and scalability make it an excellent choice for businesses venturing into IoT. For those interested, it’s advisable to subscribe to the developer plan and explore the accompanying video for further insights.

For detailed technical information and the latest updates, refer to Favoriot’s official resources.

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