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List of IoT Projects by University Collaborators

January 19th, 2018 Posted by IOT PLATFORM, NEWS 0 thoughts on “List of IoT Projects by University Collaborators”

This list will be frequently updated whenever we received inputs from the Universities that have collaborated with Favoriot:


  1. The Design of an IoT-based Smart Home Using FAVORIOT platform

Taylor’s University

  1. An IoT-based Air Conditioner Monitoring System

University of Glasgow Singapore

  1. Smart IoT Waste Management
  2. IoT-based Smart Shower Device
  3. Security for Industry 4.0


  1. Go!AQUA – Smart Water Levelling System
  2. Development of IoT home base Indoor Air Quality Monitor
  3. Wireless Vibration Sensor
  4. Automatic Fire Alarm System
  5. IoT Remote Health Monitoring Vital Sign
  6. Monitoring Water Leakage System
  7. IoT Based Weather Station By Using Raspberry Pi 3
  8. Electronic Food Cover
  9. Water Level Monitoring System
  10. Smart Vase: Automation Gardening System Using Internet of Things (IoT)
  11. Home-Base Security System
  12. Metering water smart system with IOT
  13. Flood Monitoring & Detection System Using Internet of Thing (IoT)
  14. IoT-based Heart Rhythm Monitoring
  15. Smart Bracelet for Elderly People: Fall Detection, GPS Tracker, and Medicine Reminder


  1. IoT-Based Home Energy Management System
  2. IoT Based Smart Vehicle Monitoring And Analysis System
  3. IoT Based Office Monitoring And Automation System
  4. Intelligent Water-Saving Irrigation System In Wireless Sensor Network
  5. IoT In Courier Service (Route Tracking)
  6. A Study And Analysis Of Climate Impact On Stingless Bee (Trigona Itama) Through Internet Of Things (IoT) Application
  7. IoT Road Surveillance
  8. Wheel Balancing Robot For Edutainment


  1. SMART2L System (Smart Water Level and Leakage Detection System)


  1. Wireless Diagnostic Tool and Data Analysis for Car
  2. Pocket Size Halal Sensor Based on Dielectric Spectroscopy
  3. Environmental Monitoring using Optical Sensor with IoT Adaptation
  4. Remote Optical Sensor for Ammonia Detection in Water
  5. Robust Vision-Based Human Detection in a Dynamically Varying Environment
  6. Optical Flow Tracking for Real-time Object Detection System
  7. Mosquito GO: Automated Mobile Crowdsourcing Platform for Dengue and Zika Hotspots Locator
  8. Indoor Smart Management System for Agriculture


  1. Temperature and vibration monitoring system for smart manufacturing application
  2. Smart Bin Waste Management System


  1. LPG Leakage Detection System Using IoT

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List of IoT Projects – UTHM

January 19th, 2018 Posted by IOT PLATFORM 0 thoughts on “List of IoT Projects – UTHM”

Go!AQUA – Smart Water Levelling System

Smart Water Levelling system provide information about water level exceeds the maximum values. When a sensor is triggered, the system will give alert to people within the dangerous area. This project applied IoT concept for real-time monitoring and for sure saved data can be analyzed for future references.

Development of IoT home base Indoor Air Quality Monitor

Detection of gas pollutants such as carbon monoxide, smoke, and LPG to determine the indoor air quality level.

Wireless Vibration Sensor

Vibration sensor will be monitored wirelessly using IOT application based project.

Automatic Fire Alarm System

Monitoring the smoke value in the room via Favoriot, if there is a smoke occurs (fore occurs), the alarm system activated and the notification will be sent to the Fore and Rescue Station to take action. The threshold value will be set in Favoriot to notify Fire and Rescue.

IoT Remote Health Monitoring Vital Sign

Measure 3 of 5 vital sign parameters

Monitoring water leakage system

This project about to monitor the water flow rate at the pipeline system. The GSM will notify the user about the leakage and user can monitor the water flow rate.

IoT Based Weather Station By Using Raspberry Pi 3

This weather station is designed by using Sparkfun Weather Shield sensor and Raspberry Pi 3 to monitor the climate change of Batu Pahat, Johor. The collected data are uploaded to cloud for further access and analysis. The weather parameters checking system is designed by using online platform too for everyone who owns a smartphone.

Electronic Food Cover

Heat food and keep on warm condition.

Water Level Monitoring System

It is a water level monitoring device. It is connected to the Internet. Once the device detects the change of water level, it will send a signal to the user. User can check the status anytime they want.


To develop a product that can monitor plant’s condition using microcontroller and sensors and then data will be upload to the cloud using the favoriot platform.

Home-Base Security System

A home system using Arduino microcontroller and control lamp, door, window using the favoriot platform.

Metering water smart system with IOT

The data from water meter will be sent via internet to record the reading fro the main office


All of the projects above will use the IoT Middleware from FAVORIOT.

Wheel Balancing Robot for Edutainment​

January 19th, 2018 Posted by IOT PLATFORM 0 thoughts on “Wheel Balancing Robot for Edutainment​”

Wheel balancing robot for edutainment application. This project combines 3 core elements – robotic, IoT, and entertainment – for targeted educational purposes, ie. STEM. A robotics application which consists remotely control the ed robot via smartphone, and data capturing, storing, analysis and display using IoT platforms framework based on FAVORIOT is considered.

The framework used can be applied in various IoT based edutainment courses/games like line following balancing robot, wall following balancing robot & etc. Then the competitors will be notified their robot status, control performance and result. Furthermore, the framework is not only limited to the highlighted courses but also can be utilized to other relevant IoT-robotics applications.Io

[NOTE: This project is being done by UTM, our FAVORIOT’s University’s collaborator]

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