Why Is Favoriot Important For The IoT Revolution In Malaysia?

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As the founder of Favoriot, my journey in the Internet of Things (IoT) entrepreneurship journey has been nothing short of an odyssey.

We take our first step with an ideal vision.

Thinking everyone will quickly start to use our IoT platform.

But that’s not the case.

Later, we set our sights on pioneering IoT training, a decision that unfolded amidst the challenges of introducing an IoT platform-as-a-service.

Here’s my story.

Confronting the Reality of an Unused Platform

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A stark realization marked our early days.

We had developed a platform brimming with potential, yet it could have been more used.

Launching our IoT service, we faced tepid responses.

The crux of the issue? Favoriot was an unfamiliar name, a new entity in a realm ruled by established players like ThingSpeak and Azure.

The reluctance of tech enthusiasts and students to dive into this new venture was palpable.

Uncovering a Crucial Market Gap

A critical pattern emerged when surveying the Malaysian market.

The landscape was teeming with resellers of IoT products, yet there needed to be more original product creation.

For Malaysia, aspiring to shift from a consumer to a producer nation, this represented a barrier and a deadlock.

The chasm between importing and producing technology was vast, and bridging it required nurturing homegrown IoT innovators.

Pivoting Towards Educational Empowerment

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Recognizing this void, we made a strategic pivot towards IoT training.

We meticulously crafted a curriculum encompassing the essentials, the complexities, and the advanced facets of IoT data analytics.

The launch of Professional Certificates marked a turning point, enhancing the professional standing of our trainees.

Today, over 15 Malaysian universities have integrated our IoT platform into their curriculum, a testament to its relevance and impact.

Thus began the slow but impactful process of creating awareness and preparing future graduates with the necessary skills in hands-on IoT development.

Furthermore, I have been personally invited to educational and industry IoT talks, which have given me better opportunities to introduce Favoriot to the public.

Beyond Training: Spreading the IoT Wave

But our vision extended beyond training.

This phase was merely a catalyst, igniting a broader adoption of IoT across Malaysia.

Our platform has become integral in diverse sectors, including manufacturing, agriculture, and smart city development.

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In Conclusion: Lessons from the Journey

Reflecting on Favoriot’s trajectory, several vital lessons emerge:

  • Adaptability is Crucial: The ability to pivot and adapt strategies in response to market needs is vital.
  • Identifying Market Needs: Understanding and addressing specific market gaps can drive significant change.
  • The Power of Education: Empowering through education can catalyze broader technological adoption.
  • Beyond Immediate Goals: Long-term vision should extend beyond immediate objectives.
  • Collaboration and Influence: Collaborating with educational institutions can amplify impact and relevance.

As we continue on this path, our dedication to empowering Malaysia with innovative IoT solutions and robust training remains unwavering, fueling the flames of progress and innovation.

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