Myduino IOT​ Training Kit Connected to FAVORIOT

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We would like to share the IoT projects conducted by our FAVORIOT-PARTNER Developers. We also encourage other developers to publish their experiments, projects or trials using the FAVORIOT platform. Send your article to info@favoriot.comNodeMCU on Myduino IoT Training Kit

Recently, our partner from started to use our FAVORIOT platform to connect with their NodeMCU on Myduino IoT Training Kit.  was established in 2009 to provide services to the local education institutions, R&D centers and hobbyist to source and import sensors, training kits and components that are not available in Malaysia.

Mohamad Ariffin Zulkifli from shared his simple experiment to publish Temperature measurement on FAVORIOT using their latest product Myduino IoT Training Kit which is offered at a Special Price of RM369.94 (originally priced at RM528.94)



Myduino IoT Training Kit



Temperature Data Published on FAVORIOT Dashboard


Sample Codes


En. Azmi Abu Noor and En. Ariffin from MyDuino (MyInvent) visited FAVORIOT’s Office

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