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Arduino IoT and FAVORIOT IoT Workshop in Malaysia

November 4th, 2017 Posted by IOT PLATFORM 0 thoughts on “Arduino IoT and FAVORIOT IoT Workshop in Malaysia”

In an effort to increase the pace of talent development in IoT skills, FAVORIOT’s Training Partner, MyDuino, conducted a 2-days Train-the-Trainer IoT Workshop for Asia Pacific University of Technology and Innovation (APU) on 3-4 November 2017.

APU and FAVORIOT have signed an MOA to build IoT talent and collaborate in R&D recently.  See photos of the Workshop below (credit to

You can contact our FAVORIOT IoT Training Partner, MyInvent ( for FAVORIOT IoT Workshop. Telephone 03-5523 5321 or contact En. Mohamad Ariffin Zulkifli at 017-787 5232 if you require training at your Institution/University/College.

FAVORIOT offered a very affordable pricing plan as shown below:

The Beginner Plan is very suitable for University students who have been assigned or chose IoT project as their Final Year Project. A single device such as Raspberry Pi or Arduino that collects from several connected sensors can stream to the IoT platform. A simple dashboard is provided to visualize the measurements. This plan is also suitable for an individual developer or hobbyist that would like to familiarize with IoT platform, conduct self-learning or participate in IoT Hackathons. At RM 8.33 (or less than USD 2.00) per month, you can become the next Generation-IoT and on your way to be one of the rare talents in the job market today!

The Startup Plan is perfect for Freelancers or SMEs or Startups to provide IoT solution for a medium size project up to 150 devices. In fact, they can also create multiple projects or applications but limited to the total number of 150 devices.

The Business Plan is great for developing big commercial IoT project. It can support up to 300 devices for many smart applications. However, if a company requires connecting thousands of devices, they may contact/email their customised requirements to

FAVORIOT IoT Workshop at UniSZA

October 20th, 2017 Posted by IOT PLATFORM 0 thoughts on “FAVORIOT IoT Workshop at UniSZA” conducted another IoT Workshop with hands-on using FAVORIOTPlatform (Oct. 20-21, 2017). The 2-day workshop is conducted at UniSZA Besut Campus.

FAVORIOT also offered very affordable rates (as low as RM 100 per year) for a Beginner who wanted to use an IoT middleware to connect their sensors. This platform will allow users to develop IoT prototype in a very short time.

MyDuino can also offer the FAVORIOT IoT workshop at customer’s premises.

Below Photos are courtesy of

This is our effort to increase more IoT talents in Malaysia. Our training partners have been aggressively conducted several workshops nationwide. For those that feel can start doing their hands-on independently can check the full documentation at Favoriot’s website.

Contents of the Workshop

Getting Started with Favoriot IOT Platform:
1. Getting Started with Favoriot Platform.
2. Understand Favoriot Hierarchy and JSON Data Format.
3. Create Project, Application, Group and Device.
4. Favoriot REST API & MQTT.
5. REST API Testing with Postman.
6. Create Graph on Favoriot.
7. Create Email & SMS Rules on Favoriot.

Getting Started with NodeMCU:
1. Getting Started with NodeMCU.
2. Install CP2102 USB Driver.
3. Install ESP8266 Library.
4. Read Humidity & Temperature Sensor.
5. Setting Up WiFi Connection.
6. Create JSON Data Format.
7. Update DHT11 to Favoriot Data Stream using REST API.

Integration of Favoriot MQTT, MQTT Client and NodeMCU:
1. What is MQTT.
2. Understanding Favoriot MQTT Protocol.
3. MQTT Testing with MQTT.fx on Desktop.
4. MQTT Testing with IoT MQTT Dashboard on Android.
5. Install MQTT Library on NodeMCU.
6. Setting Favoriot MQTT Protocol on NodeMCU.
7. Update DHT11 to Favoriot Data Stream using MQTT.
8. Control LEDs with MQTT Client App.

Below are some interesting IoT projects that students can develop further:

FAVORIOT Training Partners

October 16th, 2017 Posted by PARTNER 0 thoughts on “FAVORIOT Training Partners”

Below is the list of FAVORIOT Training Partners:

(1) MyDuino – Call 03-5523 5321 or contact directly En. Mohamad Ariffin Zulkifli 017-787 5232 Email:

(2)  Trity Technologies – You may also call Trity Technologies at +603-80637737 or fill up their Training Enquiry form.

(3) ATT (UTM) – you can contact directly – | +607-5535314 for future training on FAVORIOT.

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