The Growth of Generation-IoT in Malaysia

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Malaysia needs a pool of Generation-IoT to propel into the era of Internet of Things and turn the National IoT Strategic Framework into a reality. We need about 100K of IoT workforce which is more than the target as stated in the Framework because to support the whole value-chain of IoT. But how do we groom the workforce of the future?

FAVORIOT understand this problem very well. Malaysian-made IoT products and solutions can’t grow fast with the existing competencies. We can take an easy path of buying overseas products and roll-out in the country but we will not achieve our target as knowledge workers.

Even though FAVORIOT is a small and the latest startup in Malaysia, the co-founders of FAVORIOT comprised of industry veterans and experts in their own field. We have the vision to spur the IoT ecosystem and also offer a smart health solution focusing on Senior Care.

Recently, FAVORIOT partners with 10 Malaysian Universities to groom the new Generation-IoT. We expected another 5 including 1 overseas Universities to use FAVORIOT IoT Middleware as their tool to help students and lecturers to quickly build IoT solutions.

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